Herd Guard LLC Releases Revolutionary New Products: Herd Guard & Body Guard 360

Body Guard 360
Body Guard 360

Kentucky – -(Ammoland.com)- Herd Guard is a NEW all natural, vitamin and mineral packed deer block that deer breeders have been using for years.

Herd Guard contains 24 trace minerals, 18 percent protein and SUPER ATTRACTANTS! Herd Guard Deer Land Management products is available in 3 forms to feed any herd: a block, a hanging bucket, and loose mineral.

The benefits of the ALL NATURAL ingredients in Herd Guard have been well- known to farmers and hunters alike for many years. And now available for the first time to the public these ingredients have been combined with nutritious supplements, minerals and protein are available in a single block. Herd Guard Deer Land Management Blocks afford the hunter the ability to better supplement deer, track grazing and mating patterns to ensure more successful hunts. Herd Guard is available by the block, loose mineral and even Buck on a String.

Body Guard 360 is a NEW line of all natural scent suppression products. The secret all natural ingredients are so effective they extinguish pungent onion odor instantly!

Hunters will relish the advantage of their scent being invisibly cloaked from prey! Body Guard 360 products include Body Spray, Laundry Detergent, and Body Wash. Each product can be purchased individually or all together in a Travel Pack, which also includes a Wind and Thermal Checker. On top of being ALL NATURAL scent suppressants, Body Guard 360 products repel fleas, ticks, chiggers and are completely safe to be sprayed directly on your skin or your pet?s. In addition to scent suppression products for the hunter, Body Guard also offers an Odor Extinguisher and a Sporting Dog Pet Spray. The Odor Extinguisher is perfect for eliminating common household odors. The Sporting Dog Spray can be sprayed directly on your pets to help repel ticks, chiggers, and fleas plus eliminate any odors that your pet may pick up while in the field or around the yard. Be sure to check out amazing Body Guard 360 product demonstration videos on YouTube.com involving real customers at local trade shows using Body Guard 360 to suppress the intense odor of an onion!

Herd Guard LLC is looking forward to a very prosperous year. The company is looking forward to establishing new distributors, retailers and users around the country in the hunting industries. Herd Guard LLC has taken cautious steps to produce the very best products that cater to the needs pet owners, animal enthusiast and hunters around the Globe all while bearing the utmost concern for the overall health and well being of animals and the environment. Herd Guard LLC began as a small family-owned business in the whitetail/elk farming and hunting industries and intimately knows the concerns and needs of a hunter managing a deer herd and being scent free while hunting. Visit the website at www.herdguard.com and www.bodyguard360.com for complete information about these REVOLUTIONARY products.

Herd Guard
Herd Guard
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Dennis C. Piper

Where can we purchase heard guard block other than Walmart? I see it’s not available there.


Dennis C. Piper