D.T. Systems Releases Video #6 in Their Series of Dog Training Videos

D.T. Systems
D.T. Systems

Dallas, Texas – -(Ammoland.com)- In the sixth installment of training videos, D.T. Systems Pro Staff member Dan Ihrke shows how to properly teach food bowl casting to D.T. the Dog.

Dan uses a D.T. Systems Micro iDT Collar and 30′ Check Cord to introduce casting to using food bowls. Dan goes through the steps of teaching a dog left, right, back and mark casting.

These training steps as a puppy will help transition D.T. the Dog to learn more advanced fetching drills and blind retrieves.

Viewers will be able to follow along as D.T. the Dog is trained from a puppy to expert hunting dog, while picking up valuable information and training tips they can apply to their training regimen. Trained by D.T. Systems Pro-Staff member and distinguished dog trainer, Dan Ihrke, D.T. the Dog is a Fox Red Labrador Retriever that will serve as the star of the video series.

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