November 2013 Issue of GunUp the Magazine, Read It Today

November issue of GunUp the Magazine
November issue of GunUp the Magazine

SEATTLE, WA –-( Click here to get your copy of the November issue of GunUp the Magazine, now free to members of GunUp!

This month in, GunUp the Magazine, we feature Colt black rifles and Oddball M16 Variants.

Print edition is $6.00 issue and available on or $18.00 for an annual subscription through September, available on Amazon.

About GunUp, Inc.
GunUp, Inc., located in Seattle, Washington, was founded in 2010 by Dan Hall, a combat veteran and firearms enthusiast. Working with a team of like-minded, Internet savvy technicians and programmers, they created the only online firearms community where new and experienced gun owners can access current product information and access subject matter experts in the firearms industry.

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I couldnt agree more! I only bought 1 AR-15 outright & my others I built ( for fun) I wish they would do stories on AR’s who most normal working stiffs could afford instead of these 2,000-3,500 dollar versions!! Its to the point now I dont buy AR mags anymore because of the prices & guns the show! Nice to look at & get Ideas for my next builds but thats about it! I kick myself in the ass 4 not buying the Ruger 14 I had the chance to buy but I purchased an AR -15 1st now I… Read more »


What we need is a High Point version of a AR-15. Something that most can afford.