Profab Manufacturing Introduces The Outpost Feeder

Outpost Feeder
Conventional feeders stand out. The Outpost Feeder disappears into the treetops, keeping the secret hunting spot a secret.
Outpost Feeder
Outpost Feeder

USA – -( PROFab Manufacturing is proud to announce they are now producing the Outpost Feeder.

Most wildlife feeders are large, bulky and stick out in the woods, giving away a hunter’s favorite treestand location.

Feeder theft is also a possibility when a feeder can be easily seen. The Outpost Feeder, on the other hand, is small and blends into its surroundings. Much like a chameleon or a moth, the Outpost Feeder becomes part of the landscape.

The Outpost Feeder is a long cylinder that can hold up to twenty pounds of corn. The Feeder is designed to be hoisted into a tree and hung from a branch where it blends in. The feeder comes with a throw line and metal throwing disc so getting the feeder into a tree is quick and easy.

Outpost Feeder
Outpost Feeder

The Outpost Feeder comes with an automatic feeder that can be programmed to go off up to four times a day, which will help keep wildlife in the area.

“I designed the feeder so I could place it on public or private land without it being spotted by other hunters or people in the woods,” said Mark Hoofman of PROfab Manufacturing. “I typically program the feeder to go off once a day for several seconds which puts out about a pound of corn. At that rate, the feeder doesn’t need to be filled up for three weeks.”

The Outpost Feeder comes with a convenient carry sack and a comfortable shoulder strap. The sack itself can hold twenty pounds of corn. After the feeder is hung in the woods, the sack can be filled with corn and easily carried over the shoulder to refill the feeder. The feeder is available in two colors: gray or brown.

The Outpost Feeder is the perfect feeder for the hunter or wildlife viewer who has a secret spot deep in the woods. The Outpost Feeder is also a great feeder for the wildlife enthusiast who wants a natural looking backyard feeder.

The Outpost Feeder is made of durable high-density polyethylene and comes with a sturdy cap that cannot be chewed through or taken off by squirrels. It also comes with a hanging wire that is chew resistant.

Conventional feeders stand out. The Outpost Feeder disappears into the treetops, keeping the secret hunting spot a secret.

For more information about the Outpost Feeder, visit

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I purchased two of your outpost feeders love the way they work good job . I have one problem with one feeder is where the spinner attaches to the tube the little screws that attach have broke off not the screws but the plastic tabs . I was wondering if I can buy a replacement spinner for this please let me know thank you

joe pica

I purchased 2 of your feeders and love them. I have photos of the squirrels hanging on them and unloading them so I have to fill them every 2 days…
Do you have a cage or guard for sale to prevent this?

Del Padgett

How much and where can I purchase the feeder from.