Glockstore To Showcase UnderTech Undercover Line Of Concealment Clothing at SHOT 2014

GlockStore will be showcasing the UnderTech Undercover line of concealment clothing
GlockStore will be showcasing the UnderTech Undercover line of concealment clothing

San Diego, CA –-(  Over 25 years ago Lenny Magill started a mail order video distribution company to market the videos he was producing. As befits his life long interest, and expertise, these videos were primarily on firearm related topics.

As his, and the country’s, interest in Glock handguns grew, so did the number of videos about that iconic brand… as well as the high performance parts and accessories that were being developed for them. Before long people were calling and writing on a daily basis; asking where to get this featured performance part or that special tool.

Being an astute businessman, Lenny realized that there was a pressing need for a top quality source that offered all the performance parts and accessories under one roof. Under that roof was born the GlockStore Performance Center. The firearms marketplace responded with open arms and Lenny Magill’s GlockStore Performance Center is now the world’s #1 source for Glock parts and accessories with a catalog of over 15,000 products.

GlockStore has always carried the best products Lenny could find, products that he himself would want to use on his personal guns. Always the perfectionist, he soon started developing and manufacturing his own aftermarket parts, accessories, and concealment clothing to his unerring standards.

This year at the SHOT Show 2014, GlockStore will be showcasing the UnderTech Undercover line of concealment clothing as well as newly developed, and highly acclaimed, Glock specific products like the Pyramid Trigger System, the Double Diamond 3.5 lb. Connector and the Long Horn Slide Charging Handle.

The Pyramid Trigger is one of the most sought after products at GlockStore and with good reason. The “competition proven” trigger system gives your Glock a lighter pull, less reset travel, and a crisp breaking point. A great trigger right out of the box, the Pyramid Trigger System also offers complete flexibility in adjusting every aspect of the trigger travel to your particular taste and unique requirements.

Pyramid Trigger fans often write the GlockStore to praise the Pyramid Trigger System and tell what a difference it has made in their firearms. Competition shooters often mention the Pyramid Trigger System as being winning difference in various IDPA and IPSC competitions.

Another new featured product the Double Diamond 3.5 lb. Connector. This NP3 coated connector literally transforms the somewhat vague breaking point of the stock trigger into a reliable, repeatable, ultra smooth action. It’s almost like a “Trigger Job In A Box” and is, perhaps, the best “bang for your buck” performance part you’ll ever drop in a Glock.

Also debuting at SHOT Show is the Long Horn Slide Pull Charging Handle. This is a great item for those who may have difficulty in racking the slide… or just want to speed up the process. As opposed to other products that must be machined into the slide by a gunsmith, this charging handle can be installed, or removed, by virtually anyone in under 60 seconds.

And, as always, GlockStore will be showcasing the UnderTech Undercover line of concealment clothing. These all-weather compression garments fit like a second skin and feature easy-access holsters built right into the garment. These holsters are specifically designed to carry and conceal handguns, spare magazines, handcuffs, cell phones, wallets, or iPods.

The shirts, shorts, and bellybands comfortably conform to any body type and will not restrict your freedom of movement. Plus, the high-tech fabric actually cools your body as you wear it!

UnderTech Undercover likes to ask. “Why carry your gun when you can wear it?”

This year, as always, Lenny Magill’s GlockStore Performance Center is bringing the very best products available to SHOT Show 2014.

Spot by and visit with Lenny and staff at booth #16040 at the Sands Convention Center, 2nd Level. Or Visit