So What About The Colorado Governor’s Race?

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners
Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

Colorado –-( In a few short weeks, thousands of grassroots Coloradans, like you, will be gathering in schools, churches and libraries to do the important job of selecting delegates, electing precinct committee people and approving resolutions to be voted on by their political parties.

The caucus process is an important venue for gun owners and gun rights activists to make their voices heard.

Are you upset about the direction our state or your political party is headed? Go to your caucus. Run for delegate or vote for those who share your values. Grassroots activism, like attending your precinct caucus, is how you and I can take back our liberty and our state.

Part of the process of repealing the draconian gun laws that Governor Hickenlooper and his anti-gun cronies in the legislature forced on the people of Colorado is electing a governor who WILL sign legislation to repeal ALL of Bloomberg’s anti-gun bills.

My office has received numerous calls about the race for Governor, and what RMGO thinks about the Republican candidates.

Many of you may have received campaign communication from the candidates. Every smart Republican candidate tries to portray themselves as pro-gun during the primary season, though many are not.

That’s why RMGO digs into their records, below the primary platitudes. How a politician votes is a far better indicator of their views on your gun rights than what they tell you during primary season.

Here’s the skinny on the candidates for governor, strictly from a gun rights perspective:

State Senator Greg Brophy: Greg has been endorsed by RMGO-PAC, and has also received a contribution of $5,000 from our PAC. Brophy is 100% pro-gun, and has an extensive record to prove it, including sponsoring our signature piece of legislation, Constitutional Carry, for many years.

Former State Senator Mike Kopp: RMGO-PAC has also contributed to Kopp’s campaign. During his time in the legislature, Kopp consistently supported pro-gun legislation, with a 100% pro-gun voting record.

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo: It’s no secret that Tom has voted against gun rights in the past — including an assault weapons and magazine ban — and made a number of damning statements after Columbine. These should all give gun owners pause.

“How could [anyone argue that this bill is] a step backward when it included things like banning assault rifles for children under 18 years old, when it included banning the importation of clips, when it included the safety mechanism being sold with the gun?” Tancredo asked. “I mean, that’s not step backward, I don’t think.” (Source:

To make matters worse, Tancredo has recently said he doesn’t think gun rights are an issue worth attacking Hickenlooper on, despite recent polling showing this issue to be one of the STRONGEST lines of attack against Hickenlooper.

To his credit, Tancredo has admitted his error, and has promised to stand firm for gun rights if he’s elected. While I normally don’t take the promises of politicians at face value, Tom’s contrition appears to be sincere.

RMGO has sent Tancredo a candidate survey, and we’ll let you know what his answers are once we receive it.

Sec. of State Scott Gessler: He’s never held a legislative office, and has never cast a vote for or against gun rights. While Gessler’s connection to and membership in the GOP Establishment — generally anti-gun across the board — concerns me; we simply don’t know what he would do as governor, and have no reason to believe he’d be a standout for gun owners.

RMGO has also sent Gessler a candidate survey and we’ll let you know what his answers are once we receive it.

Steve House: House is a wealthy, unknown entity, who has done little to distinguish himself, except loan his campaign nearly $100,000. He appears to have no identifiable campaign or grassroots support.

House was also sent a candidate survey and any response — or lack thereof — will be reported.

Want to do more? Go to your caucus.

If you’re looking for your caucus location, and you’re a registered Republican voter, call your county GOP headquarters and ask them where your caucus will be held or visit;

Democrats visit:

Thank you for your loyal support and your steadfast defense of our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

For Freedom,
Dudley Brown
Executive Director

Based in Colorado, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is Colorado’s largest state-based gun lobby. It is a group solely dedicated to the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Our strategy is simple: don’t give an inch. Visit:

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7 years ago

Jimpeel, Ross Perot got 20% of the vote, for a reason ! I don’t recall seeing a ( R ) or a ( D ) conservative ! We just get tired of choosing the lesser of two evils !!! I voted for Perot, and I was a Democrat at that time,but not since 2007. If you thought McCain or Romney were conservative and we get another like either of them (the good old boy club) up in 2016, we’ll lose again.

7 years ago

Independents split the Conservative vote and cost us elections. How do you think Clinton made it into office? If it hadn’t been for Ross Perot the election would have been much different.

7 years ago

To Colorado gun owners!


Us Texan’s are 99.9% behind you! We’ve got a few token liberals, but they don’t count.

7 years ago

I used to go to Colorado often since I am from Texas. Stopped going. If Colorado becomes more friendly toward Texans or conservatives with more patriotic politictions in office, I would love to come back. I miss it.

Patrick Guthrie
7 years ago

Hi Dudley, He might not be on your radar yet, but have a look at Glendale Mayor Mike Dunafon. He’s weighing a run for Governor this fall as an independent, standalone candidate, that will take no money from anyone and he’s 100% committed to protecting our rights under the 2nd Amendment. As Mayor of Glendale, he organized the Farewell to Arms event last June at Infinity Park, where Magpul gave a way magazines, and 5,000 citizens convened to show their support for our rights. Mike is party unaffiliated, which means he won’t be running as a republican, but I wanted… Read more »

7 years ago

All the candidates are not the best and some really suck especially Tancredo who was willing to hurt Colorado much worse by splitting the conservative/republican vote when he could not get on the ticket through the normal process in 2012. Pretty much a John McCain like weasel.

The guy who lent himself $100,000 now gets to have that part of his operation pay him a high interest (tax deducted) interest for the loan from his pocket to his campaign. Other big names around the country do that all the time–slick way to do business.