Wall of Silence Surrounds Newtown As Gun Grabbers Fail To Misuse Anniversary

Newtown Memorial
Wall of Silence Surrounds Newtown As Gun Grabbers Fail To Misuse Anniversary

PHOENIX, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- “Newtownian” Levers of Power Muted

The lamestream media told you: Anti-gun-rights activists were depressed and demoralized by their failure to capitalize on the psychotic murder of children, to advance their agenda to disarm the American public, according to media reports.

The staunch refusal of Congress to take guns away from Americans, using the acts of madmen as a motivation, morphed into a variety of schemes for gun registration, ammunition limitations, new gun definitions, manufacturing changes, taxation schemes, so-called “background check” restriction and tracking plans and other novel approaches to civil-rights infringements banned for more than two centuries by the U.S. Constitution and the public will.

A dark army of new anti-rights groups, largely funded by a single man, billionaire former NY mayor Michael Bloomberg, sprang up to push this civil-rights attack, but to no avail so far. They vowed anew to continue their pressure at federal, state and local levels, using massive new private funding, to deny the rights Americans have always enjoyed, as a way to prevent mass murderers from committing their violent carnage.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

An analysis of the killing sprees unleashed by psychotics, promoted wildly, vigorously and incessantly in the lamestream media, shows that none of the measures promoted by anti-rights groups would have prevented any of the now famous perpetrators from committing their acts in pretend gun-free zones where they occurred.

Efforts to foreclose the make-believe gun-free zones have been met with staunch resistance from the people bent on disarming the public in every case.

The lack of a loud and highly publicized push from Sandy Hook and Newtown promoters on the anniversary of one of these psychopathic assaults has been largely attributed to the preemptive campaign by Alan Gottlieb.

Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, proposed a counter-demonstration named Guns Save Lives Day, to highlight the fact that guns save far more lives on a daily basis than madmen take in their infrequent highly publicized assaults. He was determined to prevent the anti-rights side from “owning” the day, and probably forced the media to back off leaked plans to campaign loudly for new rights-denial laws in the public eye. The city of Newtown subsequently asked the media to stay away, and the media obediently complied.

It was unclear whether future requests to have the media back off its insensitive, biased, or pack-reporting mentality might also be possible. No balanced or other-side stories were planned or have been released.

Crimes averted and lives saved by private gun possession and use received virtually no national news coverage at all, all year long, giving the public a hopelessly distorted view of reality on the gun issue.

The “news” media could not be reached for comment on this now well-documented fact. Even the most conservative estimates, at 170,000 defensive gun uses annually, suggest more than 460 crimes averted daily. Using the more widely quoted statistics from the Kleck study in Florida, the number is in the mid thousands daily civilliberty.about.com/od/profiles/a/Gary-Kleck-Biography.htm

Figures for so-called “gun deaths,” implying routine crime-related events, have been revealed recently by N.Y. City police, Chicago police, Pittsburgh police, Philadelphia police, Detroit police and others, to be almost exclusively gang-related deaths among black youths in inner-city ghettos, and drug related. www.gunlaws.com/GunshotDemographics.htm

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