Government To Introduce Amnesty For Swiss Arms Rifles & Others

CZ 858 Rifles
CZ 858 Rifles
Canada's National Firearms Association
Canada’s National Firearms Association

Canada –-(  Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney has announced an amnesty for owners of prohibited Swiss Arms (SAN) and post 2007 import CZ 858 Rifles.

With prohibited status, the use of these firearms would be severely limited and thus their owners would lose significant enjoyment of their property as prohibited long arms may not even be taken to the range.

The classification of firearms as prohibited affects the possession, ownership and use of these firearms for activities such as hunting and target practice, and an amnesty does not change that at all.

The amnesty covers possession of these firearms by their owners for a five year period. It remains to be seen if the Minister believes that this is the end of the matter, or if he sees this as a temporary measure until significant changes can be made to the Firearms Act and Criminal Code.

The thousands of Canadians who own these rifles, representing millions of dollars in legally acquired and lawfully owned private property and the millions of other Canadians who believe that their property is next to be banned and confiscated demand answers as to why the Minister approved the RCMP recommendation to prohibit and confiscate thousands of rifles at a stroke of a pen.

Canada’s National Firearms Association continues to advise Canadians to contact their Members of Parliament, the Minister of Public Safety and the Prime Minister and demand significant reform to Canadian firearms legislation.

Canada’s National Firearms Association is this country’s largest and most effective organization representing the interests of firearms owners.

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robert taylor

This has to stop, they have to get a back bone and put there big girl panties on and worry about other crimes instead of us gun owners, when you have a Pal that is enough information to have, if you do not than you should not have a gun, that I agree with and I never registered a gun in the old system, never did believe in it, I just join your club, thanks a lot Bob

Capn Jack

That’s what happens when the “License” of the people to possess arms is at the “convenience of the government”. Ask an Australian.


I wish the Canadians good luck, but on the whole it looks like they’ll one day be a mirror image of their mother country, Great Britain. I glad we kicked the Brits out of our country way back when. I have no use for the Royals, their nothing but a bunch of leeches, sucking the blood of the people.