Gun Guy Radio’s Greatest Hits – Evil Roy on the Positive Mindset of a Competitive Shooter

Evil Roy
Evil Roy on the Positive Mindset of a Competitive Shooter
Gun Guy Radio
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DeKalb, IL –-( Gene Pearcey, perhaps better known as Evil Roy, has won championships at the local, national, and world levels in cowboy action shooting.

This week he and Jake discuss the positive mindset that is behind his incredible success.

The Evil Roy interview originally aired as Episode 22 of Gun Guy Radio, but the advice and guidance that he provides is timeless and universally applicable to any area in which you are looking to succeed.

Evil Roy has never been one to consider failure as a possibility, bad thoughts do not even enter his mind. Before he became a champion shooter he was the youngest Honda motorcycle dealer in the country. He also founded a successful company after obtaining a patent for the construction of concrete domes. In the middle he “went broke,” but didn’t let that discourage him.

As Gene points “You just gotta have a positive attitude. That applies to business, it applies to shooting, it applies to everything. I will not let myself think negative thoughts because I’m almost sure I can cause bad things to happen.”

Gene began shooting in 1993 about the time cowboy action shooting really took off. Now, cowboy action shooting is the largest of all the action shooting sports. Although he did not see immediate success, he went on to win several national and world championships. But, even when he was not seeing the level of success he ultimately came to enjoy he kept a positive outlook.

“I want not to even be around negative people.” Gene encourages others to shoot in matches even when the competition is clearly superior. “You want to get beat by the best people, not the worst people because you learn something getting beat by the best people…. If you surround yourself with people who are total failures, then join the crowd. That’s exactly what you become.” The most important piece of advice he believes he’s ever given is “don’t be afraid to fail.” You should not miss Jake’s fantastic interview with Evil Roy.

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