Shooting Reported At ‘Gun Free’ Fort Hood Military Base

Fort Hood
Fort Hood
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Manasquan, NJ –-( Officials at Fort Hood in Texas say there is a shooting on base and are advising all personnel to shelter in place.

The base near Waco, Texas, issued a statement saying “There has been a shooting at Ford Hood and injuries are reported.”

KCEN-TV reported that a shooting had taken place at a medical support building on the base near Waco, and that there were people injured.

Fort Hood’s twitter account issued a tweet saying: “All personnel on post are asked to shelter in place.”

KENS and KVUE television stations reported the shooting occurred at 4:25 p.m. near a transportation motor pool.

Central Texas College in Killeen evacuated its campus and canceled classes, KVUE reported.

A soldier on post told KENS he saw at least one person get hit.

A spokesman for the Bell County, Texas, sheriff’s department confirmed to KVUE that there was an active shooter on Post and that state and county officers were responding.

ABC US News | ABC Business News

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We send our Soldiers to foreign countries armed with the most sophisticated weapon systems in the world yet, we deny them the means to protect themselves and their families here in this “free” country. It makes absolutely NO sense. At a MINIMUM, Soldiers with state issued Concealed Handgun Licenses should be allowed to carry a weapon on post. Those with a CHL can carry off post and, less than 0.03 percent of crimes are committed by people who are LEGALLY carrying a gun. When are the dip$h!t$ going to admit that “Gun Free Zones” do not work?

TSgt B

Thanks, again, to Billy Jeff Clinton and the rest of the DemoRat scum. Combat-proven, highly trained officers and senior NCO (at the very least) should be armed 24/7/365. Just another fine example of the “gun free zone” insanity.

And some are predicting that his lesbo “wife” will be the next president? Lord, help us.


Another example of gun violence in a gun free(criminal empowerment)zone. When will these fools learn that criminals and mentally incompetent people care not for a gun free zone. Does the term “shooting fish in a barrel” come to mind?


As the story unfolds we’ll find out, once again, the “shooter” showed all the “danger signs”, but those signs were ignored.


Good to know it only takes 1 “shooter” to take over a large Military Base while everyone scurrys and hides.

Run Away Sheep.

D.A. Moran

More BS scare tactics!


The shooter named as Ivan Lopez, but other sources state his name was mohammed something or other. He was a 34 year old specialist in the Army, and committed suicide. All points brought by the news media of several different programs show the possibility of his being a muslime. US military needs to rid themselves of these people and because of the war between muslime and Amerika, they cannot be trusted. This is simply another example of killers having advantage over unarmed soldiers as the last time this kind of thing happened. He was armed with a .45 cal auto… Read more »