GOA Calls for Resignation of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki

“The most recent reports now list that number [of disarmed veterans] around 175,000.” — Human Events, March 23, 2014.

Eric Shinseki with his boss, President Obama
Eric Shinseki with his boss, President Obama
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-(Ammoland.com)- Within the past week, Gun Owners of America received an e-mail from a member being treated by the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs).

The member was also receiving Social Security benefits, and Social Security had appointed a guardian to manage his financial affairs.

The member wrote us because the VA, based on the Social Security guardian, was moving to take his guns away.

Although it is Standard Operating Procedure for the VA to appoint its own guardians and use this to justify its gun ban on more than 175,000 veterans, it now appears to us that the VA is searching for new “gun ban excuses” to strip even more veterans of their constitutional rights.

Which brings us to VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.  It appears that the Obama administration is so busy using the VA to strip veterans of their gun rights that it doesn’t have time to provide them with medical treatment.

Shinseki was dragged before a Senate hearing Thursday to explain massive waiting lists for treatment.

High level executives at the VA ignored warnings that these lists existed, and agency officials issued falsified letters to conceal them.  Altogether, these delays may have resulted in the deaths of 40 or more veterans at the Phoenix location alone.  The scandal has now spread to at least 10 states, and seems to reflect an endemic problem with the VA.

Shinseki’s response?  He is pushing an Inspector General investigation which will be completed in August.  But even liberal Democrats have questioned how many veterans will die between now and then as a result of the department’s misplaced priorities.

As a result, the American Legion has called to Shinseki’s removal.

Why does this matter to gun owners?

The answer is this:  The VA appears to be too busy with gun bans to do its job.

“We’ve known that combat veterans are being systematically stripped of their rights for some time now,” says Dan Cannon, the founder and editor of GunsSaveLives.net. “There have been numerous reports of veterans losing their gun rights due to seeking counseling or help with depression, PTSD, or for simply not having their financial affairs in perfect order.”

We’re sure that the Obama administration will counter that it doesn’t take much time at all to take away a veteran’s constitutional rights.  But no matter how many personnel or how much time it takes to promote Obama’s anti-gun agenda, it is too much!

This is another example of a phenomenon which is pervasive in the Obama administration:  Politics over performance.

And it’s not going to stop until someone loses his job for pursuing Obama’s anti-gun agenda, at the expense of his department’s mission.

ACTION: Write your Senator and Representative. Encourage them to stand for the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding veterans by demanding VA Secretary Eric Shinseki’s resignation.

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OK – 2nd shot at this post. Phil, above, mentioned the “written test online at the VA” and I was curious about it, myself. I found it and it surely appears as if there could be a bunch of “gotchas” in there. Judge for yourself:



It is now 9 days after this article was run and this guy is still in the hot seat. The media will only tell of his and the VA’s other crimes against Veterans and not their illegal gun grabbing. The media does not want anyone to know about this and the 175,000 Vets who have been relieved of their gun rights and have broken no laws.


If you are a veteran and own a firearm, the VA is looking for ways to relieve you of it. By hook or by crook, it does not matter to them. Served in combat, didn’t serve in combat, they don’t care. They have learned to twist it around to make you look like a threat. Just because they have not mentioned it to you, rest assured they are working behind your back to take away your 2nd amendment rights.


I’ve taken their written test online at the VA, watch out!
They try to trip you up with the questions.
They will ask a question near the begining of the test, then several questions later, they rephrase the same question.
This happens several times during the test and you have to be smart enough not to get caught in their trap.

My case is different, I never saw combat during Nam, but eyeryone gets the same tests.
My Vet disability is non-combat related and I was given a pension for serving during war time.


They can only take your rights if you give your rights to them. Men who have fought for their rights do not lose them. You must fight.


These are not just combat veterans that they are trying to take 2nd amendment rights away from. Basically what the VA is saying, behind the urging and watchful eye of the administration and gun grabbers Inc. is: We give you what your need and earned through honorable duty, sacrifice, and service to our country, you are going to give us what we want which is your 2nd amendment rights. It’s dangling a carrot in front of vets and they can use the same principle on you on anything you get from the government. Yes it is against the law but… Read more »


For everyone who values their gun rights click on “Write Your Senator and Representative” at the bottom of the page and send them this pre-written statement by the GOA. You may not be a veteran but after they get through with the veterans, they are coming for you next.


The VA can strip you of your 2nd amendment rights by telling you that if they give you your disability you have to give up your 2nd amendment rights. Sounds crazy and against the law, like they are off their meds? Yes, but they are doing it and getting away with it. What the administration could not achieve at the ballot box, the achieve with back door moves like this to strip millions of their gun rights.


How can the VA strip veterans of their constitutional rights ?