Pro Gun Rights Groups’ Counter Rally in Media, PA a Great Success

Gun Rights Groups' Counter Rally in Media, PA
Gun Rights Groups’ Counter Rally in Media, PA a Great Success
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Media, PA –-( A coalition of Pro-freedom/gun rights groups counter rallied the Walk & Rally for Universal Background Checks on Gun Sales on June 28, 2014. Over 100 attended.

The counter rally started at the intersection of Providence Rd and Baltimore Pike in Media, PA.

After the anti-gun rights march passed they moved to the sidewalk opposite the Providence Friends Meeting House where the anti-gun rights pressure groups held their own rally.

As the anti-gun rights marchers neared the intersection the pro-freedom/gun rights groups moved across the street from their path. They, the anti-gun rights marchers, passed without hearing a single threat or insult.

Explaining why they moved out of the way and didn’t interfere with the anti-gun rights march Darren Wolfe, the gun rights rally’s organizer said, “We support and protect everyone’s right to express their views. Even people like them who want to trample gun rights.”

The Pro-freedom/gun rights groups cited many studies showing that background checks have no effect on crime rates. Darren Wolfe compared Chester, which has a high murder rate, to Media, which hasn’t had a murder since 2005.

“The people in Media have the same access to guns and live under the same gun laws as the people in Chester. The fact that both cities have very different murder rates shows that social dynamics, not guns, are the problem.”

For more information please visit our Facebook event page:

Endorsing organizations:

Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania


AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

Firearms Owners Against Crime


Concerned Gun Owners of Pennsylvania

Citizens for Liberty

TruthFreedom Prosperity


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The pro gun rights,pro 2A patriots did everything right and the country is proud of you ! My statement above was meant to sarcastic towards the gun-grabbers,not you people !

Keith Bansemer

@RDNK it is an often Proven Fact, that “They”, the anti gun crowd, are the ones Well Known for slinging insults and threatening, and advocating violence against NRA members, and therefore law abiding gun owners in general.


RDNK, We didn’t give the media nor the gun rights haters anything to hang us with. Matter of fact, the local media gave us favorable coverage. I think they did it because of our civility.

The gun rights haters have got to be steaming mad that we stole their thunder.


The anti-gun crowd passed without hearing a single insult !!! Damn,how is that possible ?