Democrat’s Bill Bans Use of Cartoon Characters to Market Guns

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Yosemite Sam – BANNED
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Manasquan, NJ –-( A freshman Freshman Democrat Robin Kelly, of Illinois, is proposing a ban on the use of cartoon characters to sell guns, and a ban firearm branded merchandise for children such as hats, t-shirts and stuffed animals.

The Children’s Firearm Marketing Safety Act from Rep. Robin Kelly, an Illinois Democrat, reflects the growing feeling among those on the left that guns (not to mention – free speech) should not be marketed to children. Many Democrats argue that the marketing of guns to children is contributing to the shooting death of children across the country.

The National Rifle Association sponsors “youth days” around the country that give parents and their children a chance to try out various firearms. The NRA’s second annual youth day was held in Indiana last April, and was an event that let about 800 kids and their parents “enjoy a handful of activities that the NRA is involved in,” including roping cattle and shooting.

The NRA also sells merchandise for children, including t-shirts and bibs with the group’s name on them.

Companies also sell youth-sized rifles, such as Keystone Sporting Arms, which offers the Crickett rifle for kids. The company bills that rifle as “my first rifle,” and uses a cartoon cricket to market it — some of these rifles are designed with youth-oriented colors and patterns on the stock.

Under Kelly’s bill, all of these activities would be prohibited, and the ban would be enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. Specifically, her bill would prohibit the use of cartoon characters to market guns and ban kid-oriented marketing campaigns from gun manufacturers.

It would also ban the manufacturing of guns with colors or designs aimed at appealing to children, and would outlaw firearm brand name merchandise for kids, like hats and t-shirts.

Any youth-sized gun that is manufactured would have to bear a label that warns it is a real gun that could result in injury, or any similar warning that the FTC develops.

The bill would also give states the power to ban any of the prohibitions in the bill, as long as they inform the FTC that they are about to take action.

Read a copy of Kelly’s bill here:

Children’s Firearm Marketing Safety Act HR 5093

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Time to vote and/or recall all the leftists, communists, socialists, marxist WUSSIES out of all state and federal government office. Robin Kelly, I suggest you get a copy of the Constitution and read the first amendment and also have a sane individual explain it to you. It would also help if you read the whole thing.


And these are the same people obsessed with ‘mental health’ among law-abidding firearms owners ? Who said this ? …”just fire two shotgun blasts in the air”,(through the front door)…”get a shotgun..a shotgun” ! If you answered double barrel Joe,you’re correct !


Careful what you type, Craig! They’ll deem you suicidal, and unfit to own firearms!


That Robin Kelley bitch is beyond gone ! Where do these parasites come from ?

Quick Draw

I understand the democrats are planning the use of under ware when shooting! They claim they restrict the blood flow to the brain and in turn it restricts the capacity to think!
Then all democrats should remove their shorts before it’s to late.


The anti groups want to blame the gun, video games, lyrics in music, etc etc etc instead of the individual who breaks the law(s).

Before video games, internet, tv and radio, we have numerous books that anyone can read and let their imagination take them somewhere.

Would the same people who push for foolish legislation consider banning books as well?

Craig Butelo

Got my first gun at 8 years old as a boy scout.
Never shot anyone but might shoot myself If hear any more nonsense from people without the ability to Reason!


Ms. Kelly should find a real job, or at least a real issue to work on. There is plenty in her filthy backyard.


They are showing just how stupid they really are first they ate going after the cartoons after that who knows, but are they even looking at how violent video games are and how violent they have been getting. If they want to go after something that depicts gun violence in a major way then they really do need yo look at video games. Going after the Saturday morning cartoons is just plain stupid.


Progressive ‘Social Engineering’ is a failure until they’re able to influence your kids!


I live in IL and she is a self proclaimed lesbian with two children, she is an ultra liberal nut case. Since queers are only 2.3% of the population how about we ban them?


I am getting blue in the face asking this – what part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED do these numbnuts not get???


Stupid ideas, like gun control laws, don’t work. If you don’t like stupid laws that don’t work, don’t vote for any democrat. If you are in favor of socialism, Marxism and or communism, do vote for a democrat.

Tsgt B

Gosh, what a good idea! So, this means we can propose legislation to ban the Dumbasscrats from using kids a props, destroying the Constitution “for the children”, and while we’re at it, ban them from counting everyone under 25 as “children”, RIGHT?

As Monica Lewinsky was only 22 when she was playing “Hide the Salami” with William the Pervert, that would make him a ‘child molester”, wouldn’t it?


It’s worse than the article states, read Professor Eugene Volokh’s critique of the bill.

This bill probably written by LCAGV or some Bloomie-berg minion just proves idiocy is alive and well and Ms. Kelly is dumb enough or zealot enough to jump in the fire with them.


What next blame Eddie Eagle for drive bys. Sorry nothing good comes out of IL except crime , poverty ,taxes and stupid laws that don’t fit the State I live in (Alaska). Kelly needs a cup of sftu , and mind the cesspool called Chicago that had 82 shootings over 4th of July. Fix your own state problems before suggesting other states to join you in Unconstitutional crusade against firearms.


I’m sorry – but when did using a firearm become such a “problem” to be avoided? I learned to shoot when I was SEVEN. Proper education does more than the stupid ideas being proposed. This is getting out of hand.