STORMR – Neoprene Core Technology, The Most Advanced Foul Weather Gear

STORMR Neopream Camo Jacket
STORMR Neopream Camo Jacket
Stormr Foul Weather Gear
STORMR Foul Weather Gear

USA – -( Neoprene technology used to be limited to water sport professionals.

Now, you don’t have to be a surfer to utilize neoprene garments that maintain a limitless range of motion. Just purchase a STORMR product! Outdoorsmen and land based athletes can now take advantage of the neoprene fluidity.

It delivers a conforming design without restricting movement and confining the wearer. Keep water and wind out while trapping warm air between your body and STORMR products with the neoprene core features of watertight thermal taped seams, water-repellent finish and micro-fleece lining. The Neoprene Core Technology design is the best on the market.

Neoprene Core Technology delivers a revolutionary outerwear design. By affixing their ultra-thin neoprene core with proven outdoor fabrics in a special lamination process, STORMR products offers superior warmth, inherent flotation and exceptional flexibility.

The interior moisture-wicking fleece keeps you warm while the waterproof, windproof shell beads water on impact. The three-layer design of the interior, shell and core make neoprene the best product no matter how cold and wet the weather may be.

The inherent buoyancy of the Neoprene Core Technology amplifies the weather-blocking benefits of the unique STORMR construction process. Together, STORMR Neopream Camo Jacket ( )  and bibs provide up to 10 pounds of positive buoyancy. STORMR products offer flotation and thermal protection in the event of accidental immersion in cold water.

STORMR treats the exterior of all their products with a water-repellent finish that obliterates precipitation. This feature sets STORMR products apart from other foul-weather gear by keeping the jacket lightweight and dry during long periods of bad weather.

STORMR provides the best in foul weather gear that allows you to remain warm, flexible and comfortable using Neoprene Core Technology. Stay on top of your game when you’re hunting, fishing or participating in any other outdoor activity in harsh environments. Master the outdoors with STORMR’s Neoprene Core Technology!

STORMR incorporates Neoprene Core Technology into all their products to provide hunters, fishers and extreme outdoorsmen with advanced protection from foul weather. The revolutionary benefits of STORMR products ensure outdoor activities are as warm, safe and nonrestrictive as possible. All STORMR products provide outdoorsmen windproof, waterproof technology and heat retaining fleece interiors. Defy the elements with STORMR.

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