Impeachment Debacle Underscores Debasement Of The Constitution

By Chris Adamo

Evil Obama
Impeachment Debacle Underscores Debasement Of The Constitution
Chris Adamo
Chris Adamo

Wyoming – -( In the past several weeks, the pervasive buzz around Washington has been about supposed Republican plans to impeach Barack Obama.

Oddly, such talk comes almost entirely from the Democrats.

Once again Beltway Republicans are reverting to their standard role of playing exclusively on defense, in hopes that this attack will somehow blow over with minimal damage to them.

Clearly, the Republican Party has no stomach for the rigors of a presidential impeachment, nor for the universal media condemnation that would most certainly accompany it. As a result, Barack Obama has been openly taunting House Speaker John Boehner (R.-OH), literally daring the Republican dominated Congress to pursue impeachment. In every possible manner, Boehner “assures” America that he has no intentions whatsoever to consider an impeachment proceeding.

From a pragmatic standpoint (which is the “principle” that ultimately guides Boehner) impeachment may not be good politics. Any case brought by the House of Representatives, no matter how airtight, would most certainly be ignored or even mocked by Harry Reid and his mindlessly liberal minions in the Senate. Meanwhile, Democrats could significantly expand their fundraising efforts based on all of the fear mongering they have perpetrated in regards to the issue. Such ploys have already proven highly lucrative ever since rumors of impeachment began in recent months.

With public opinion of Obama’s leftist policies severely declining, and Democrat prospects looking particularly grim for the mid-term elections, they clearly need to refocus voters’ attention onto something other than the sorry condition of the country and their complicity in its decline. So their hysterical assertions of harm to national esteem resulting from a presidential impeachment, while abhorrently hypocritical, may be the ticket to improved political fortunes. Hoping to deny them that advantage, Republicans have responded by assuring the public that no such plan is in the works.

Absent from this entire discussion is any consideration of the actual necessity to invoke a constitutional restraint on Barack Obama’s lawless regime.

Prior to the modern day degeneration of the political process into a catfight among self-serving office holders, the notion of ignoring governing excesses would itself have been recognized as an abdication of an inherent responsibility to preserve and maintain government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Indeed Barack Obama has on numerous occasions flagrantly violated his oath of office, and openly scorned any tenet of the Constitution that threatens to hamper his detestable vision of “fundamentally transforming America.” From his unauthorized dispersal and squandering of billions of taxpayer dollars to his collaborative suppression of evidence and stonewalling of investigations of the IRS and Justice Department to his refusal to enforce laws with which he disagrees, Obama exceeds any reasonable standard by which abuses of power can be adjudged.

On several fronts, such usurpations inarguably meet and exceed the criteria of “high crimes and misdemeanors” by which the Constitution determines that he can and should be removed from power. In light of this, Congressional refusal to follow up represents its own crime against the people, and an abdication of the responsibilities of office by those Representatives who also swore an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.” Once upon a time, they would have been expected to simply do the right thing. Are they now exempted from such a quaint notion on the basis that it is not “feasible” or (more to the point) politically beneficial?

Far from being a shrewd political maneuver, the willingness of Speaker Boehner and his cohorts to unilaterally wave the white flag on impeachment signals a betrayal of the American people on several fronts.

First, it essentially gives Obama the green light to exercise power unchecked, facing no repercussions for doing so. The corruption at the IRS, by which free speech and exercise were trampled in service to the leftist agenda, will continue unchecked. Its scope can be expanded with those targeted having no legal recourse. The politicization of the Justice Department at the hands of hyper-partisan racist and leftist Attorney General Eric Holder can be maintained, thus perverting the law into a weapon to be wielded against the non-compliant masses and bludgeon them into submission. And the orchestrated destruction of the nation as a whole, by the mass importation of illegal aliens who will overwhelmingly support the Democrat agenda can continue to be carried out with no opposition to effectively contend for the interests of the American people.

Of far more grave consequence is the fact that, having unconditionally surrendered the reins of power to Obama, this refusal by the Congress to fight to uphold the law guarantees that the outrages committed against America by the Obama White House will only increase. If Obama can make law, ignore law, repeal law, and generally wreak havoc on the fabric of the nation by executive order, with no limitations placed upon him, the people are thereafter left defenseless against an out of control government that is fully capable of doing irreparable harm to them. From a purely political perspective, while Obama remains the singular focus of those who are incensed at the crimes being perpetrated against their country, such a prospect does not bode any better for the Republicans who, by their cowardice and passivity, are allowing it to ensue.

Those of the governing “inner circles” who would willingly feign ignorance of the criminal overreaches of the Obama White House cannot credibly claim to be neutral bystanders. By placing their political fortunes ahead of the well-being of the nation, they prove themselves every bit as devoid of principle as the leftists they ostensibly oppose. The question of impeachment, if decided for any other reason than its constitutional merits, relegates our national charter, founded on such noble principle and maintained for these two centuries at so enormous a price, to the status of a meaningless historical relic.

This is the ultimate rationale on which Barack Obama wages his onslaught against America and its Constitution. And it reflects the manner by which he will continue to eradicate it, precept by precept, until such time that the political opposition reaches the point that it refuses to allow him to proceed any further.

Christopher G. Adamo is a resident of southeastern Wyoming and has been involved in state and local politics for many years.

He writes for several prominent conservative websites, and has written for regional and national magazines. He is currently the Chief Editorial Writer for The Proud Americans, a membership advocacy group for America’s seniors, and for all Americans.

His contact information and article archives can be found at, and he can be followed on Twitter @CGAdamo.

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The only hope for survival of the Republic is for loyal Americans stand up to the liberal press and treat it like the big lie machine it is. As long as they fail to fight back against that army of traitors, America will remain on the path to ruin.


Oh come one mon! Obama is like a guest that has overstayed its welcome. We are all looking forward to the next cycle, but if Obama had really committed a high crime me thinks you would not have opened your article with the usual political beltway triangulation of the Republican party.

Dr Dave

They are NOT going to impeach him since first off the Senate will NEVER agree since it is Demo run; PLUS think about it. Impeach Obama and we get Biden as the President. That means in 2016 he runs against Hillary BUT he does so as an incumbent. Statistically incumbents win so instead of it being one of the Texas Two Steps, Jeb, Marco Rubio or Ben Carson against Hillary anyone of which could beat her it will be Biden against them and in that case we get another 8 years of a Democrat in the Whitehouse. We are MUCH… Read more »

Old Salt

whith the Main Stream Median totally in the bag for Obama and forming national opinion, there is not a way in hell that we could a) get an impeachment through the Senate, or b) get any new seats in either the House of the Senate. This has been timed to the dot. We can do nothing until after the mid term elections. Such is the way of politics. If we had a truley unbiased media it would be different, but it’s not.

Kevin McGonigal

I cannot understand why the House does not use its appropriations powers to deny the executive branch the funding it needs to pursue its agenda. Actions need funding. Deny the funding.


How much longer will ‘Barack the Beneficent’ exceed his Constitutional powers? He’s already suggested he’ll use executive power to implement new Immigration policy/law since Congress won’t do what he wants. Quit blaming Congress, they’re supposed to represent the people not ‘special interests’.

David: San Antonio

Impeachment needs to wait until after the mid-term elections. 0bama and his deluded followers seem to want proceedings to start now. Why? It will almost be the “Mother of all distractions”…Once conservatives control the senate…then start proceedings…otherwise it’s playing into “their” hands.


If you wish to impeach Obama on principle, with zero chance of success AND also ruin your chances for a takeover of the Senate in the mid-terms and continued pickups in the House why by all means go right ahead. On the other hand, you could wait, make all those gains in the midterms, pass legislation that would neuter anything he did and be far ahead of the game. But, if that big initial splash of HOUSE VOTES TO IMPEACH really turns you on and you forget the followup, SENATE AQUITS, well, who’s in it for the long run and… Read more »


It would seem that Speaker Boehner is being called a coward. A political whore like many if not most of the others in Congress. Obama should be impeached, not because it is necessarily the best political move but because it is the right thing to do. I don’t remember the oath of office saying anything like “…except if it is not in my best personal interest.” So, if you aren’t calling Boehner a coward, I certainly am.


Since the Republicans we elect and send to DC to represent us are a bunch of pussies for the most part, with some exceptions,can the citizens of the US file articles of impeachment since these cowards won’t ? Is there a class action type of way that this could be done ? If any attorneys are out there please chime in.