No Victim, No Crime, Shaneen Allen – Billboard Project

No Victim No Crime
No Victim No Crime
New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey –-( As you are probably already aware, the Atlantic County Prosecutor, James P. McClain, has decided to prosecute Shaneen Allen to the fullest extent of the law.

This is in spite of the fact that, when she entered New Jersey with her legally owned, defensive firearm in her purse, she was unaware that her Pennsylvania carry permit was not valid in NJ.

While it can be argued that she should have known, her alleged crime most definitely does NOT rise to the level of a Second Degree felony, carrying a maximum sentence of *TEN* years in prison. With no prior record and no criminal intent, this young mother of two was a prime candidate for pre-trial intervention (PTI).

Indeed, the Director of PTI thought so. However, the prosecutor made her the “generous” offer of three years in prison. She of course turned this “offer” down and is now facing the maximum sentence of ten plus years.

The NJ2AS is fully engaged in helping this young woman to avoid this overly harsh sentence. We have launched a nationwide campaign to inform our fellow freedom lovers across the country of her dire situation. To this end we have joined forces with a number of national rights activists including Mr. Tom Gresham of Gun Talk Radio and Mr. Alan Gottlieb, the Executive Director of the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF). These organizations are among the most activeof the 2A rights groups working for the right to keep and bear arms in New Jersey. Together with the NJ2AS, they are working to raise awareness among their followers about the mistreatment of Ms. Allen.

We are also working to inform the citizens of Atlantic County of this injustice. To that end, we have initiated the NJ Billboard Campaign.

In addition to appearing on various radio shows and podcasts around the country, and the Billboard Campaign mentioned above, the NJ2AS is also working with the Fully Informed Jury Association ( to distribute pamphlets throughout the Atlantic County area, to inform the residents of their rights and responsibilities as citizens and jurors. We need individuals who are willing and able to hand out pamphlets in the area. Proper training will be provided. If you would like to help this woman avoid a long prison term for a simple mistake, please go to the NJ2AS FULLY INFORMED JURY PROJECT event and sign up. We need as many volunteers as possible both for weekdays and weekends.


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    1. The useless sobs that want to make this girl a convicted felon are the ones that should go to jail, not her! Christie’s fat arse could help her but won’t! This sh#t right here is what will cause an armed revolution against tyranny! That is probably what it will take too!

    2. This is NJ. It’s a miracle she wasn’t charged with driving without a license (only had a PA license), and failure to provide a passport (NJ being of course a foreign country, and not respecting or necessarily bound by the laws of the rest of the United States).

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