Tale of Two Presidents – Benjamin Netanyahu and Harry Truman

By John Farnam

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Tale of Two Presidents – Benjamin Netanyahu and Harry Truman
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk, the last living member of Enola Gay’s crew, just died at the age of ninety-three.

Enola Gay” was the nickname of the American B29 bomber, commanded by Colonel Paul Tibbits, that delivered the atomic bomb (code named “Little Boy”) to the Japanese city of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. On 9 Aug 45, a second atomic bomb was successfully dropped on the Japanese city of Nagasaki.

The two bombs, three days apart, finally broke the will of the Imperial Japanese government, and the Pacific Campaign of WWII came to an end. A full-scale land invasion of Japan was thus rendered unnecessary.

American President Harry Truman has been severely criticized ever since, but the truth is that the atomic bomb actually preserved Japan, as a nation. Were it not for the atomic bomb, there would be no Japan today! Critics forget that we never did receive an apology for Pearl Harbor, nor for the Bataan Death March, nor for a thousand other Japanese atrocities!

In a 2005 interview, Van Kirk said:

“You fight a war to win. There were over one-hundred numbered military targets within the city of Hiroshima. It wasn’t a matter of going up there and dropping it on the city and killing people. It was destroying military targets in the city of Hiroshima, the most important of which was the army headquarters charged with the defense of Japan in event of invasion. That had to be destroyed.”

He added:

“It’s too bad that there were so many casualties, but if you tell me how to fight a war without killing people, then I’m going to be the happiest man in the world,”

I’m sure he would have said the same thing about the fire-bombing of Tokyo, and the merciless American and British (conventional) bombing of the German city of Dresden in February of 1945!

Oh that we had a shadow of the leadership today that we, as a nation and a civilization, had then!

In 2014, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu faces a similar situation to Harry Truman’s.

In order to wipe-out the ability of Islamic terrorists (currently organized under the name “Hamas”), to wholesale murder his follow citizens and ultimately demolish the nation of Israel (as they have openly sworn to do. It is not conjecture!), Netanyahu knows he has to destroy a virtually endless labyrinth of underground tunnels used by Hamas to store military supplies and smuggle teams of murdering terrorists into Israel. Netanyahu also knows that these storage places have been deliberately co-located with schools, hospitals, and religious sites. Hamas doesn’t care. They use photos of dead children as a propaganda tool, and the Western Press is only too happy to accommodate them!

Netanyahu knows, full well, that he will be roundly criticized in Europe and the USA as casualties inevitably pile up, just as Truman was Even now, we see a blossoming of vulgar anti-Jewish sentiment across Europe and even in some US Cities. Chicago is one.

But, as with Truman, what choice does he have?

When the job is not completed, another campaign will be necessary, probably in less than a year. When the job is completed, to the degree it can be, another campaign won’t be necessary for several years.

Being an Israeli Prime Minister has never been much fun. Being a American president isn’t either, unless of course, you abdicate your leadership role!

“A doctor can bury his mistakes. An architect can only advise his clients to plant vines!” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright


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Pretty obvious what a history lacking lying jerk off Mikrat is. Look at the last three letters in his name. Pretty much says it all.


It’s actually pretty simple: Find ANY nation in the world predominantly infested with Muslims and you will find violent unrest. Once you understand that FACT, the math is very easy to do.


It’s actually pretty simple: Look at ANY nation in the world predominantly infested with Muslims and you will find violent unrest. After understanding that FACT, the math is pretty simple.


Israel is always the victim.The problem in the ME is not the Palestians its israel. They are parasites that think they are better than everyone else.


There will never be total World Peace – thats utopian propaganda. But what will help is for Zionist Israel and OUR Zionist/Banker controlled “Government” to stop poking their fat noses into everyone else s business and provoking conflict after conflict for the Profits of the “Elite”. And for the Sheeple of whats left of this country to stop voting in the same banker/Zionist controlled criminals “Election” after “election”. Ukraine was not even in the news until We and the Mossad failed to get WW4 started with Libya’s demolition, and immediate installation of a JP Morgan Bank to put them in… Read more »


@mikrat – How does your solution for “world peace” play out in the Ukraine?


This is nothing but Mainstream Media Propaganda – Israel is a Terrorist State and so is Our Corp/Gov.

But the sheeple continue to believe the dis-info so that they can continue to live in denial – We wouldn’t want to interrupt your Football and NASCAR stupor.

Wake Up


@Herb on August 2, 2014 at 7:28 AM said:
“Note that Israel is not a country that starts wars, just finishes them.”

WOW! talk about a brainwashed sheeple.


Jeez what a bunch of crap – Japan was trying to negotiate a truce BEFORE the bombs were dropped.

“but the truth is that the atomic bomb actually preserved Japan, as a nation. Were it not for the atomic bomb, there would be no Japan today!” – Bullshit.

Israel and the U.S. corporation/gov are 2 of the largest terrorist states there are.

Get rid of the Zionist’s in this country and the Appartied State of Israel and the world will see peace.

Wake up you sheep.


Note that Israel is not a country that starts wars, just finishes them. It has been pointed out that if Israel is destroyed, there will not be peace. Look at the countries of the religion of peace. So the obvious Middle East peace plan must be to kill most if not all of the non-Israeli population. And presto changeo, peace in the Middle East.

What’s that? You want to hear something good said about the religion of peace? How about something good about Hamas, the Palestinians, etc. – GOOD RIDDANCE!