If Your Gun Is Too Accurate, You Are A Terrorist, Says Legislation-Seeking Nit-Wit

By Lee Williams

TrackingPoint Rifle
If Your Gun Is Too Accurate, You Are A Terrorist, Says Legislation-Seeking Nit-Wit

Florida – -(Ammoland.com)- Is it possible to create a rifle that’s too good, too accurate, too easy to use, leaving only terrorists and other outlaw groups as potential buyers?

That is what Elliot Fineman, CEO of the (anti-gun) National Gun Victims Action Council says about the Precision Guided Firearms made by TrackingPoint, a gun maker located in Austin, Texas.

The NGVAC wants to ban the rifles, which they say have “no legitimate civilian use.”

“There are three groups who will buy these rifles — insurrectionists, terrorists and hate groups,” Fineman said in a recent statement. “Given the sniper rifle’s deadly accuracy, no one is safe — this cannot be allowed.”

The group’s biggest objection is to the technology behind the heart of TrackingPoint’s Precision Guided Firearm system, its “network tracking scope,” a computer which calculates 20 ballistic variables 54 times per second.

All the shooter does to fire the $27,500 weapon is align the reticle onto the target, press the “tag” button, pull the trigger and hold it to the rear.

Once the scope determines the proper alignment is achieved, the rifle fires on its own.

“TrackingPoint’s sniper rifles are a classic example of technology outpacing legislation,” Fineman wrote. “The weapons unquestionably pose a significant danger to public safety, and this danger will only grow as additional companies develop similar technology.”


His group is seeking legislation to “banish the threat posed by these weapons.”

TrackingPoint, for the most part, has ignored the fury and declined to comment to the mainstream media — until now….

Read the rest at “Trackingpoint Spokesman Defends Precision Firearms“: http://tiny.cc/jcxplx

TrackingPoint Rifle
TrackingPoint Rifle
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Fineman is an idiot ! Disregard the pissant !


This guy Fineman is an idiot. Pretty much every deer rifle in the country is already deadly out to at least 150 yards and out to 200 or more for really good rifleman. This fancy toy is not any more deadly at 100 yards than any decent hunting rifle. Why is he so scared? If all these hate groups and terrorists were going to shoot people, they can do it right now and for the last 30 years. He’s just trying to drive another nail in the coffin of gun ownership.


Of course, the most basic and fundamental objective of the 2nd Amendment, was to make sure that every ordinary American citizen could function as an effective “insurrectionist,” should the federal government become “Tyrannical,” and begin assuming powers not granted to it by the Constitution, oppressing the people, etc., hmmmnnn…No wonder they don’t want the public getting ahold of these!


They always change their names but never their message. There are many socialist country’s that would take these anti-constitutional hoplophobes in a second. We should by them all a one-way ticket……


Another senseless, tyrannical rant by an antigunner. This is the only place I have seen this article, but have no reason to disbelieve it. I really am tired of the liberals using the word terrorist to label anyone who disagrees with them. To them, I am a terrorist a dozen times over. That does not make it true.

ray hampton

If I get the money , how long will I have to wait for this gun to be in my hands


$27,500, you say? Jeez, I think I will take 2.


I think everyone owning a high powered rifle with an optic has been slandered calling us terrorists and we should sue Elliot Fineman and National Gun Victims Action Council .

RJ Miller

I think someone should tell Elliot Fineman and the other jive paternalists at NGVAC that banning TrackingPoint rifles will not stop people from producing aftermarket variations of the same thing. All one needs is a scope, a small on board computer (raspberry pi for instance), some ballistics software that measures at least a dozen or more variables (elevation, temperature, muzzle velocity, etc) dozens of times per second, a rangefinder, and a linkage system that will trip the rifle’s hammer when the rifle is aligned for desired point of impact. The war on guns is starting to more resemble a war… Read more »


Apparently, in this instance, the firearm has more ‘intelligence’ than the ‘hoplophobe’.