Kroger Rebuffs Demanding Moms

Grass Roots North Carolina
Grass Roots North Carolina

North Carolina –-(‘Mercenaries Demand Gun Bans’ are continuing their assault on the 2nd amendment by targeting corporations to ban guns.

They have had Kroger in their sights and will not relent. Each week we hear of a gaggle of ‘Moms‘ pecking away at Kroger management and posting ads showing men and women with semi-auto rifles in Kroger aisles.

These bully tactics have had varied levels of “phony” victories as stores like Target and Starbucks have “asked” customers to not bring guns but will not enforce it, making these hollow capitulations designed to relieve the nagging.

As hollow a victory they may have had, the progressive way is to nibble away small concessions until your rights are all gone. Target’s capitulation will only leave them open to more demands, now that they decided to enter the political arena. MDA and their ilk are an unrelenting mob that must be met by an immovable object.

That’s where we come in.

Kroger has so far rebuffed MDA with their stand to “follow state and local laws“. They are not interested in entering the political arena and that is the stand we should encourage for all corporations, to toss the political ball back into the court of state legislatures. There is no benefit to a retailer for taking a public stand on every pet project that misguided busy-bodies thrust before them.

Thank Kroger for its Neutral Stance

We need to encourage Kroger and thank them for holding firm by taking the legalistic approach to their gun policy—simply following state and local laws. Kroger trusts their customers to act responsibly and have respect for the wisdom of the founding fathers in protecting our liberty with the 2nd amendment. Below, see how you can easily contact Kroger to say “thank you” for sanding firm, and to give them a word of encouragement.


➢ Send Kroger a Supportive Message

From Their Website:

Use the recommended copy/paste message below.

➢ Tweet about Kroger

You can use the following suggested text:

Thank you @Kroger for respecting the rights of ALL your customers! I know where I’ll be shopping from now on. #GunsSaveLives


Dear Kroger Management

I’m writing to thank you for standing firm in response to the gun control group that has been pestering you. I appreciate your company’s neutral stance, and I’m very encouraged to hear Kroger express faith in its customers to act responsibly. Your company’s desire to simply follow state and local laws regarding guns is appropriate, and it’s unfortunate that a small but shrill pressure group has attempted to thrust Kroger into a political debate that is unrelated to selling groceries. By continuing to respect the rights of all your customers, gun owners and otherwise, you have enhanced my whole Kroger experience and ensured my continued shopping at Kroger.

I will continue to monitor this issue via alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina.


Lies Told by Moms Demanding Action

Click here to learn the full details of the deceptions spread by the so-called Moms Demanding Action (or rather Moms Demanding Gun Bans).

About: Grass Roots North Carolina is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the freedoms guaranteed us by the Bill of Rights. Our main focus is the right to keep and bear arms. GRNC was central to drafting and passing North Carolina’s concealed handgun law and since that time has continued to push for improvements to gun laws.

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David: San Antonio

“MDA”…Mothers Damning America.
“MDA”…More Dingleberry A$$holes.
“MDA”…More Deluded Americans.
Anyway, they are basically prostituting themselves to Bloomberg to get his dollars. Wonder how much of it finds it’s way into personal accounts?[Just for “expenses”, of course…;)]

ray hampton

I hope that this work to Kroger advancement

Bp. Davids

Maybe the “Criminals Demand” group could wear Hamburlar masks during their protests alongside “Moms-Know-Nuttin” groups.


It is good to see a major corporation doing the right thing by the people and NOT listening the those that are outright nuts. the mda thing is in the end going to backfire and someone is going to sue them when another gets hurt because of their actions.

Bp. David

We need to start a group called “Criminals Demand Gun Bans”. We could shadow “Moms with PMS” with signs like “Criminals Demand Gun-Free, Defenseless-Victims Zones!” or “Only Criminals Should be Allowed to Carry Here!” That should help neutralize the ignorant Obummer voters.


It is becoming more obvious that the MDA are working over the stores to make it easier for their sons to hit the places with a reduced chance of getting hurt. After all, Mommies hate to see their babies hurt.

Jack bissette

Yes….we all in the pro-gun community need to send Kroger a message of THANKS! Its not everyday that you see a retailer willing to do the RIGHT! Lately….it has been too easy to do the “P.C. thing”…..and I hate P.C.!