80% 1911 Build a 1911 Pistol at Home, NO FFL

Ares Armor 80% 1911 Rudius Frame
Ares Armor 1911 Rudius Frame
Ares Armor
Ares Armor

California –-(Ammoland.com)- 1911 pistol fans, you have to love Ares Armor, as they are definitely not afraid to stick it to the man, in this case the ATF.

Ares Armor has a new product that follows on the heals of their controversial 80% AR15 receivers, this time its a 80% hand gun receiver for the 1911 pistol.  The difference between a finished that you need to transfer through a Federal Firearms Dealer and an 80% receiver you can order through the mail is the slide rails, hammer and sear pin holes, as well as the barrel seat still need to be machined to complete the frame.

Now you can make your own personal handgun at home, with no involvement from the FBI, ATF, your local FFL and with no barckground checks.

We know this will upset so many freedom haters that don’t trust themselves to safely and legally own guns and think we have to be watched over and our privacy invaded just to exercise our GOD given rights, but that is the beauty of America. You can legally build and keep your own weapons for your own personal protection.

It is called the 1911 Rudius Frame and it retails for $249.95 but you can expect that price to come down as you buy more. Just pick up some basic 1911 parts and get started.

Says Ares Armor “We designed the Rudius with the user in mind. The 1911 Rudius Frame is a Billet made from stress proof 1144 steel to increase strength and reduce residual stress. The 80% 1911 Rudius Frame is the perfect project for an at-home build. This build a firearm product is not a complete firearm until you decide to make it one. To complete the 1911 Rudius frame all that need be done are: (1) slide rails; (2) barrel seat; and (3) three rear pin holes.

We also are having our tooling custom made. We will not be using standard off the shelf tooling because it will not meet the original 1911 spec. “

So with that, we will be offering the following for purchase:

  • a ball end mill to cut the barrel seat with a radius of 0.348 +0.0025/-0.000
  • a special cutter to cut the slide groves with a height of 0.119+/-0.002


The mission of Ares Armor (www.aresarmor.com) is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

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luong -thai

how to order? please,let me know

John Gafycz

I would like to biuld my own handgun….

DJKen Heath

The Ares Rudius lower frame is a composite slide-on piece that cannot accept scales or grip panels at all, and it’s mounting keeps you from using ambidextrous safeties without strange and imaginative modifications. I am stuck in the middle of building two of them, (because I was too freakin’ stupid to know ‘real’ frames were available in 80% for about half the price).

On top of all the assembly peculiarities, it took Ares over two years to get my frames to me… I would NEVER recommend the Ares Rudius to anyone.


The information is right in the article. 249.95 (www.aresarmor.com)

joe gallagher

wish to build 1911 45 cal . need a kit plus whatever else is needed to complete a finished, working weapon,not looking for fancy just basic. need fixture, drill bits,cutters and whatever else you recommend. I request if possible, an estimated price form the above. thanks, joe


Go to http://www.stealtharms.com They sell complete 1911 pistol kits for $1095 and jigs for $199-399 You’ll have to go to Youtube for assistance in assembly


hoopergunworks.com,stealth arms.com and ebay once you know what you want

Gun Patriot U.S.A.

I persanaly think that it’s fully OK to make your own gun for home defence or protection because these dang days it’s to dangerous to not have anything to protect yourself or your family loved ones so If the ATF stop me or anyone from owning their own guns or 80% receivers then that’s just fine because according to the ATF I can own my own Pipe zip shotgun slammer and I have owned it for years and the cops and ATF and FBI can’t pry it from my cold hands because I have a right to bare arms and… Read more »


Frank making a firearm for yourself the receiver must be completed by you. Otherwise a gunsmith or firearms manufacturer is required and transfer paperwork is required to give it back to you. ATF is now saying allowing people to borrow tooling to complete a firearm is the being in the business of making firearms and requires a license to loan tooling to make a firearm. This ruling is ATF 2015-1 ,


If I purchase a 80% 1911 frame where can I go to use equipment to finish. I will pay for equipments usage and assistance.


Ed Padgett

Paying for use of equipment to build one is technically illegal. That places the owner of the machinery “in the business” of building firearms.

john plumb

new here but i am very interested in learning.


I like the idea and attitude of Ares. Will a rep comment on the records that were confiscated previously and how they intend to prevent their customers from being similarly compromised in the future?

Daniel Carver

please send me a catologe or some way to buy parts


I’ve found some nice kits but if you want a slide or some different parts other the average GI components it’s super expensive does anyone know some sites or companies that make a decently priced 1911 45. Complete kit that would fit on this frame??


jason, i found decent stuff at Hoopergunworks.com and stealthars.com. ebay might also be a place of interest once you get to know what you want


Quote: “I also have to question Ares business model being located in one of top anti gun states-Kalifornia. It’s probably time to move to a friendly gun state….”

You don’t fight anything by running away. Plus, the market here is bigger since it’s a bigger pain to get a 100% lower than it is in other states.

Bravo Ares! Way to put you money and your balls on the line for freedom! Wish there was more like you.

Jim Burke

Hey guys, don’t pay attention to the Aholes who mouth off about California and their overly strict gun laws. It’s fantastic that you’ve created a niche market for gun lovers who want to build one for themselves and I hope your business thrives and grows. As a collector, carrier and just all around gun but I give your company and your business plan a huge thumbs up as most true enthusiasts do. Keep on keeping on and by all means find any way possible to express your support in the 2nd A that was borne on the blood of our… Read more »


this is the perfect form of gun control. name one criminal that would go through this trouble to own a handgun. instead of persecution, you should be rewarded. with the constant decline of American ingenuity, you aren’t making it easier to get ones hands on firearms, you’re making it harder. your method decreases the chances the wrong people will be walking around with firearms. you’ve created the perfect system. not only supporting the bill of rights (responsibilities, really), but you sparking the flame of ingenuity that truly made this nation great. being American has nothing to do with where you… Read more »


I purchased one of these along with the jig and the high end parts kit. All Night Hawk Custom parts. Very nice kit. Took me two months to complete this project but consider it well worth the time and money. Much harder to build than an AR-15 or AR-10. Required quite a few special tools that I purchased from Brownells. It would have been nice to have instructional videos offered by Ares but I was able to find all the info needed on YouTube. I am seriously considering purchasing another one. I have placed several orders with Ares Armor and… Read more »


My name is Jason, I’m an Army veteran (68W/ Combat Medic). I would very much like to build my own 1911 and/or M4(AR-15) If you don’t mind me asking, how much did it cost, start to finish, (parts,S&H, outside labor…) Also, what aspects did you take care of yourself? Does this require any special training? What was the firearm you built? Would you mind sending be any links that may help me with the machining/assembly/troubleshooting/ complete parts list…

David: San Antonio

One thing that would be nice…place a small “detent” where all the holes need to go. I know that would defeat the purpose of “custom jigs”, though…and the money made off of them.


The ATF considers if the manufacturer marks the locations of those holes in any way they made it a 100% receiver.

Ed Padgett

Complete blue print dimensioned drawing is available, for free online.

B. Young

I like the whole 80% concept and have built several different 80%ers not to avoid the ATF but just build it myself, I could easily legally buy any of this stuff from an FFL and frankly your not saving any money building it yourself but you are gaining essential gun smithing skills. Since ATF confiscated all Ares records a while back they know everyone who bought their 80% AR receiver just like they will eventually know everyone who buys these 80% 1911 frames-Ares is on the ATF’s radar. I also have to question Ares business model being located in one… Read more »


“By helping the economy of a major anti gun state your(e) hurting the constitution-that’s obvious” – WRONG

By continuing to do business here and continuing to push the limits of the judiciary we are fighting to keep what rights we still have. Your attitude is why so many vendors won’t sell to us here, accelerating our decline. We need support here from other states, not capitulation, defeatism and ridicule. Some of you so-called Patriots should be ashamed of yourselves. You’ve given up on your fellow 2A supporters based on our locale.


Standing behind you brother! Keep up the good work.

Edward alcobia

You are exactly where you need to be, kalifornia; land of nuts and fruits.

Biggus Dickus

A very long time ago there were two companies in the Atlanta area selling silencer repair parts. One company sold the tube which were cut and threaded, the other the guts kits. Both had their ship to lists get into the hands of ATF via FedEx and UPS. Unless you purchase for cash in person, Heads up.

Stravo Lukos

with 3D printing becoming so accessible, the day of the firearms control is nearly kaput. besides, gases & explosives speak far more persuasively. all u need is a connexion to youtube! back to the dark ages!

Eric Haulenbeek

This is a positively stupid comment! You really should get some help!

Milton Mann

Great!!! Keep up the GOOD work!

Brett carpenter


ray hampton

if I have the money I would go for this


I am currently headspacing my TacticalMachining 80% 1911 build.

Got a cheap 18mm ball end mill on ebay to cut the barrel seat, $13 shipped from China. Also you should keep in mind, if you use the cheap e-sarco parts the grip safety is going to suck–you’ll want to change it probably to a wilson combat or ed brown.

Floyd Oliphant

ok looks good whats the price on the 1911pistal