COUNTRY BUCK$ – A&E Presents New Original Reality Series Featuring The Busbice Family

Country Buck$
Country Buck$
Plano Synergy
Plano Synergy

USA – -( A&E Network’s new original real-life series “Country Buck$” follows the Busbice family who founded Wildgame Innovations, a small hunting gear business that has grown into a multi-million dollar wildlife sporting empire.

Their 55,000-acre ranch (three times the size of Manhattan), a sportsman fantasy camp in Louisiana, serves as the testing ground for their new products. Follow the Busbice clan as they strive to perfect their high-tech hunting innovations, family-style. Back-to-back half hour episodes of “Country Buck$” premiere Wednesday, November 19 2014 at 10PM and 10:30PM ET/PT.

Family hijinks ensue each week as the Busbices tackle new projects and products- from a silent crossbow to gator bait and 5D camo, they keep the business running full speed ahead. Celebrity friends including singer Jason Aldean, “Duck Dynasty” boss Willie Robertson and “Swamp People” star Troy Landry stop by to the family ranch to hunt, talk business and have a good time.

Even with 2,400 products and 12 major outdoor brands, the family is always looking for new ways to transform the business. Wildgame Innovations launched more than a decade ago when brothers Ryan and Matt Busbice invented their first product, a deer feed block, on their home stove. Ryan is all business all the time, constantly keeping younger brother Matt, who would rather be in the woods than behind a desk, in check.

Uncle Hard Luck is a product tester with the worst luck. His knack for out-of-the-box inventions pushes the family’s buttons and keeps them on their toes. Joe Buck acts as the voice of reason to his father Hard Luck’s crazy shenanigans. Ryan and Matt’s father Big Bill often finds himself getting roped into the harebrained antics of his brother Hard Luck, much to his wife Beth’s chagrin. Trusted ranch manager T-Carr is caught in the precarious position of working for Bill and also trying to help Matt and Ryan with their products. Finally, there is Bella, the family’s pet deer, who constantly gets into trouble. No idea is too crazy for the Busbice family and if T-Carr and Hard Luck can’t figure it out, it’s not a feasible product for market.

“Country Buck$” is produced for A&E Network by Matador. Executive producers for Matador are Jay Peterson,Todd Lubin, Justin Tucker and Mike Riley. Executive producers for A&E are Brad Abramson, Fred Grinstein and Laurie Sharpe.

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Bryan King

I have a idea for a new fishing stand and would like to talk to someone

Anne McWilliams

I’m watching the show for the first time today during a marathon. Most of the stories seem plausible, and they can stretch out the day’s main plot with a lot of melodramatic side dishes. One thing that is not working for me is Big Bill. He mostly sits around with his mouth open, possibly meaning he is struck dumb in disbelief, as his boys and employees cook up trouble and waste time with their hare-brained schemes; but more probably, it’s to show off his very bright white set of chompers. But his money is what makes it all possible, I… Read more »


Let’s get something straight. Bill busbice did not own a trucking company. As a matter of fact bill didn’t even own a truck.let me explain. For years a few hundred good hard working folks owned trucks. These folks had customers that would call them to haul there equipment around south louisiana for the oilfield. Well here comes A guy named bill busbice who opens a company called ace transportation. Now bill hires a bunch of salesmen and goes to the truck owners customers and tells them that he has ace transportation and he will give them a discount if they… Read more »


Hello my name is Suzy and I NEED help I hope one of y’all h w s time to contact me..


I’m not sure on this TV show. Honestly, the promo spots look like a large group of spoiled dudes with way too much money, and too much spare time. 55000 acres, with a business only a decade old? Uncle Hard Luck? A pet deer that ‘always gets into trouble’? Really? Are people supposed to believe this? This sounds like a canned plot from a high school drama class. Just doesn’t seem real or authentic. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to try and replicate the Duck Dynasty template. Looks like it’s happened, but again I just… Read more »


They really only have 1,100 acres in Louisiana it says on their real website “wild game innovations”

tina bockman

Would you ever consider helping someone out to start my own business
I don’t want to own 55,loo acres like u guys but to be out of debt and have a business i can pass on to my kids would be a dream come true