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The Results are Astounding!

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Houston, TX -(Ammoland.com)- Home of OSP Shooting School, the premier leader of shotgun shooting instruction, both in person and virtually, tested their new Knowledge Vault with the Georgia DNR and had astounding results.

The broken clay average improvement after the workshop doubled! The Georgia DNR ‘Wing Shooting Workshop’ evolved around OSP’s new Knowledge Vault that now houses a ‘DNR Tool Box’.

The DNR Tool Box is specific for Hunter’s Ed trainers’ use, showing explicit shooting techniques and tips, leading to more proficient shooting both on the range and in the field. This advanced module of education falls under the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Hunter’s Education programs. This public wing shooting workshop had a diverse group of shooters from teens to adults and was offered to the general public at no charge.

Mark Swords, Hunting & Shooting Education Specialist for the GA DNR comments, “OSP has a wonderful product that we believe in because we have seen the results first hand. We had the students shoot clays on the first day with no instruction and they averaged 36.3% broken clays. After the 4-day program, which existed of 2 hours of training for 4 Wednesday evenings in September, the targets broken averaged 79.4%, which doubled their proficiency using the OSP DNR Tool Box system! We will be utilizing the OSP Knowledge Vault as well as recommending it to each and every one of our students that completes a course with us for continuing their education and training.”

The GA DNR is working with OSP in the near future to make this training available to their volunteer educational trainers as well as their shotgun team coaches for competitive shooting. This would cover such categories as 4H, FFA as well as the general public.

“We want more,” continues Mark Swords, “We want workshops for people in all communities. This thing is going to be huge for the shooting sports.”

Prior to this workshop, the leading GA DNR trainers completed the entire OSP Knowledge Vault system with Gil and Vicki Ash in order to present this to the public. According to Mark Swords, the GA DNR will continue to offer advanced shooting courses with the OSP Knowledge Vault DNR Tool Box for free to the public as long as they can.

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