Oath Keepers Guarding Businesses in Ferguson, Mo: Calling on Volunteers to Assist

Calling all skilled veterans and patriots! We need your help in Ferguson, Missouri.

Business owners carry so called "assault weapons" to protect their stores from looters in Ferguson, Missouri
Business owners carry so called “assault weapons” to protect their stores from looters in Ferguson, Missouri
Oath Keepers
Oath Keepers

Ferguson, Mo – -(Ammoland.com)- Oath Keepers has a Security Team on the ground right now, in Ferguson, guarding businesses.

That team is led by local Oath Keepers, including retired Missouri police. last night, that team secured four local businesses after the riots erupted, and will do so again tonight, and as long as it takes, but they need your help! (See below for list of skills needed, and how to connect with the team).

They need more volunteers to assist them as they expect more looting and burning (they DO NOT trust Governor Nixon to safeguard these businesses. Twice now he has utterly failed to do so). It is expected that there will be even more arson attempts tonight, and on future nights, because the bad guys were so successful last night. If you have the skills to assist, and can make it, please go.

Because we suspected that Governor Nixon would drop the ball, we put a call-out among our membership early Monday morning, asking for volunteers, and got enough of a response to commit to protecting the property of four local small business owners (two Asian, one black, one white) in downtown Ferguson. Their shops are in the same strip mall. Those shop owners could not afford to hire security and several had tears in their eyes as they thanked our team for offering to help for free. They couldn’t believe someone would be so kind as to volunteer without pay, to protect them.

We are getting additional requests for help from other Ferguson business owners and if we have enough volunteers to guard additional businesses in the days ahead, we will.

St. Louis area Oath Keepers member Sam Andrews is helping to coordinate and vet the prospective volunteers. Sam has requested that if you qualify and are willing, please grab your gear and start rolling toward Ferguson, and call Sam while on your way.

Time is of the essence, and he needs you there ASAP. Contact him here:

Sam Andrews
[email protected]

If you call during darkness, keep in mind he may be a bit “busy” and unable to answer the phone. So, as a default, roll out and try him as you drive. We WILL have gas money to reimburse you, so save all gas receipts (you must have them to get reimbursed).

 Ferguson, Missouri
Ferguson, Missouri

If you arrive in the area during darkness, DO NOT attempt to go to downtown Ferguson in any attempt to link up with the Security Team there. That is just too dangerous a thing to try to do in the middle of riots, in the dark. Instead, go to Sam’s shop, in nearby Eureka, Missouri, and wait till daylight. He will have someone there to liaison, interview, etc. and then he will bring you in once he has vetted you.

Here is his shop address:

Tier One Weapon Systems
223 Thresher Rd.
Eureka, Mo. 63025

Here are the skillsets/experience we are looking for on the Ferguson Oath Keepers Security Team:

1. Police Officers (preferably with 5 years or more experience) street cops or corrections.

2. Forward deployed assets, such as scouts, with binocular range finder and requisite equipment, and the right field experience.

3. Communications experts with HAM and/or FRS radios

4. Direct action infantry (11B or 0311). You need to have your own gear necessary for this mission, including your own body armor, tactical lights, and other essential tactical gear, and cold weather gear. etc. Personal Security Detail training and experience a plus.

5. Photographers/cameramen with video and still-camera, preferably with combat experience, or similar high stress field experience. Also, we prefer that they have their own body armor and cold weather gear. Photographers need to be able to film all activity outdoors in all weather. We want to film any encounters with looters, as potential evidence. We also need someone who can live-stream.

6. Private drone operators, with drone mounted cameras.

7. Truck drivers (4WD) (military experience preferred)

8. Medics and Paramedics with own gear. Both military medics and corpsmen, and civilian paramedics and EMTs, are needed.

9. Experienced Fire-Fighters.

Please be prepared to substantiate your qualifications. Keep in mind this is a dangerous situation and only those with the right mindset (cool under pressure, in control of themselves), skillsets, and experience should even think of going there. If you are not qualified, do not go.

All should bring a gas mask if at all possible. Also, all volunteers must bring their own IFAK (with tourniquet, combat gauze, pressure bandage, chest seals, etc). You should also bring a sleeping bag and a cot if you have one. We will provide the space to sleep in. Any questions on what to bring, call Sam and ask him.

Oath Keepers will help with logistics such as gas money, food, water, and other support. Please keep all gas receipts! We want this to be as well organized as possible, and will work hard to make it so.

If you cannot make it there in person, but want to donate to the Ferguson Security Team Fund, Go here:

SECURITY TEAM DONATION LINK: https://www.formstack.com/forms/?750628-oJ9AeG1sgf

This is a good chance for us to do something very positive, and by guarding businesses owned by black, Asian, and white owners, we show that when we say we stand up for the rights of all Americans, we mean it.

We still fully support the rights of PEACEFUL protesters, but we also feel obligated to help protect the community from the violent looters, shooter, and burners, the provocateurs, and the racists who are trying to turn this into a race war. This is not about race. Not for us.

It’s about rights. And it is critical that we not leave fellow Americans defenseless while politicians play their games and fail to do their duty.

For the Republic,
Stewart Rhodes
Founder and President of Oath Keepers

PS – we are desperately in need of cameramen/photographers

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They are accusing the Oath Keepers of starting fires and deliberately causing trouble according to a couple of articles this morning.


Seems Nixon and company has been threatening to arrest Oath Keepers. Looks like they would rather see your business burned than legally shoot an arsonist. So much for the rights of small business owners who’s lives will be destroyed because of politics trying to appease the masses of ignorant folks protesting a thug punk that assaulted a cop and got killed. Arrest the masses of criminals be done. Want to protest something watch the Tamar Rice shooting , a complete miscarriage of information and response. Months ago I posted a comment telling people not to let their kids take the… Read more »


If you believe in America, as founded, we all have an oath to keep.


The president has looked the other way on this . The president should go on TV and say ” If you are caught looting you will be shot “. We the people forgot when O J was cleared of murder the blacks danced in the streets and we all know he did it . So should we (white folks) be rioting ,yet you don’t hear about the “Knock out games that are still happening ( Black group comes upon a white person and if you knock them out you win) , Maybe we should start to play that game ,oh… Read more »

Dr. Strangelove

Right on! About time somebody stood up to the thugs. That includes Nixon and his cronies.


Gov Nixon allowed the rioters to kill a fellow rioter injure hundreds burn millions of dollars worth of property unstopped . Sorry they need to go to jail. As a small business owner burning my would finish me so I would be inclined to defend it with my life. Rioting over a thug killed assaulting a cop , stupid .
Nixon he needs to go too, another useless politician .

Elias Alias

Thanks Brothers,
Elias Alias