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Fort Worth, Texas, USA –-( Cheaper Than Dirt! is proud to announce the opening of its second retail store on December 9, 2014 in Round Rock, Texas.

This gives customers a second retail location to shop and find the best deals on AR-15s, AK-47s and all of the defensive handguns and shotguns, ammunitions, targets, and accessories at unbeatable prices that Cheaper Than Dirt! is known to carry.

“We’ve gone to great lengths to find the right people to assist our customers. The store is designed to be bright and easy to navigate,” offered Chief Operating Officer Roberta Wilson. “The shopping experience is unlike the usual gun store.”

Cheaper Than Dirt! has always offered products and services the competition simply cannot match and the new Round Rock location is no exception by offering over $5 million in rare and collectable firearms rarely seen outside of private collections or auction houses.

“These firearms are not here just for viewing and appreciation,” remarked CEO Michael Tenny, “each one is for sale. Fine gun enthusiasts from around the world can visit, inspect, and purchase these rare and exceptional firearms.”

Cheaper Than Dirt Guns is located at 130 Sundance Parkway, Round Rock Texas in the La Frontera Shopping Center. Hours are Mon-Sat 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Sunday Noon – 6 p.m. For more information, please stop by or call 512-649-1337.

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Reggie Fulenwider

I can’t believe they don’t have a store in Ft.worth anymore. I guess I’m done with them now. Very disappointing !

Michael Lobato

I have a online order my bill around 2,000 or more but the problem I have , 5 of the items are not in Stock would you have them in store? Or I just have to wait till they are back in Stock please let me know thank you.


Is this the only retail store or are there others? If there are others can you send me the locations.

Ray C.

Just bought a box of 257Weatherby Mag, 80gr. Couldn’t find them elsewhere. Price is what it is when you need or want something. I have 3 WSSM rifles in a 223, 243, & 25 cal. &270 WSM. Find the ammo, I did at CTD. My 257’s will be here tomorrow afternoon. The 3rd day, how great they are. Quit complaining over price, you want them, buy them,,,


So why is it closed now? (7/20/2015)


JD Check the Better Business Bureau for CTD below average rating.
I have been trying to get their Corp address to send them a copy of my NSA report on them
One may consult the Tx Sec. of State at (512) 463-5770.
Many wondering why they split the state of Texas.


I wish they would reopen the store in Ft Worth, TX


When wholesale prices go up, you have to pay to replace inventory. These people who whine about prices don’t have to shop here. They don’t understand freedom.


I do not understand many of your comments. Do you always buy everything at one store? .22 ammo prices are still high compared to before Sandy Hook. However, some retailers are selling stock at a lower price then others……you buy it where it is cheaper. If you don’t like the CTD price don’t buy it! Wally is also still high on 22 ammo. I have found Cabella’s to be the best right now. That all could change next week? As far as CTD goes, I have purchased many times from them and the items I bought were delivered on time… Read more »


Agree…not Cheaper than Dirt anymore. Gouge is correct! How else would they be able to open all these stores!!


Right, $199 for a box of 22lr that everyone else was retailing for $59

Mike Perkins

100.00 Pmags after sandy hook, Taking their entire “Assault Weapons” Category offline for Months. Quintupling the prices of ALL their ammo for 5-6 Months, It was a Joke, & They will never see a dime from me, Neither will Dicks..


I’ve done lots of business with CTD over the years and will continue to do so. I wouldn’t know nothing about price gouging 22 LR ammo,..I dont have nothing chambered in 22 LR.Most every firearm related business was price gouging a couple years ago. The people that dont want to do business with them over some 22 LR ammo a couple years ago wont be missed by CTD anyway. They have a huge customer base.

Bill Cleveland

Cabela’s kept their prices down even though they could sell all of the ammo they could get. Shelves were often empty but Cheaper than Dirt did gouge it’s customers. I no longer buy anything from CTD. Cabela’s has a new faithful customer.


The only thing “Cheaper Than Dirt” about this company is their business ethics. I take every possible opportunity to turn people away from doing any business with this place. I hope that our combined efforts can actually result in CTD losing enough business that even the profit off of $150 bricks of .22 can’t keep their doors open.


There are so many on-line and “brick and mortar” retailers who did NOT price gouge during recent periods of shortage in firearms and ammo that there is no reason to patronize these opportunistic pirates. Natchez, Sportman’s Guide, Cabelas and others were responsible sellers that I will continue to patronize, but not these folks. What goes around comes around.

Al Legorical

I am not sure I comprehend the animosity toward CTD? – I have purchased a firearm (or 2) for a VERY good price, I have also purchased Ammo at a competitive price. Key thing is “shop around”! Items purchased from CTD have been well packed and arrived quickly. I have no experience of customer service as I have not needed to contact them! I also like the affiliated (nameless stores) to get options on purchases. They are obviously a big business, and that comes with success! The 22LR ammo “gouging” was universal – supply and demand – low supply +… Read more »


GREAT POINTS!! I appreciate your well thought out comments. Some businesses out there do price gouge, but I’m astounded to hear so many gun owners sounding like Obama voters just because a business is successful, makes a profit and expands!! WHAT THE HELL’S WRONG WITH THAT??

Christopher Onesty

The reason ammo prices were so high was because Obama ordered most departments, homeland security, army navy marines coast guard, border patrol, health and human services, to order billions and billions of rounds of ammo, 9mm,.22,.308, .223 .45 shotguns shells etc and the firearms to go with them that is why the prices were so high! The government has stopped buying now and supplies increased. BLAME OBAMA AND THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!
CHD had to pay higher prices so you do the same. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! The government is screwing you!!!!!


Why does govt need 22lr???? Everyone was gouging each other cuz they can n sum folks can’t wait til for next stock of ammo… Now Walmart has also incease their price buy a few dollars… Like a box of 500rds for almost /

angelo manuel quiles

Even if they have stopped buying ammo for the gov, the price of ammo will never go down, the stores like the higher profit margin…

Dr. Strangelove

I see Treat Me Like Dirt has used their price gouging profits to build a new store. I usually have respect for Ammoland but this “article” looks more like ad copy.


The name of the the store does not fit their prices.


Nobody should ever forget these people and the shameless gouging of their customers in 2012 and 2013. I will never, ever, do business with such disreputable profiteers. It makes me sick watching the NRA take their advertising dollars in their monthly magazines.

Stay away from these people.

Dr. Strangelove

I get American Rifleman and don’t recall seeing any of their ads there.


I wish we could get one of these in Little Rock


Just another outlet for CTD to price gouge .22lr ammo. Same as others are doing.