Some Holiday Words From Pioneer Outfitter’s ‘Man In Black’

Master Guide Terry Overly
Master Guide ‘Man In Black’ Terry Overly
Pioneer Outfitters
Pioneer Outfitters

Chisana, AK –-( These past months as usual on our trip through life, has been full of surprises and all-in-all, mostly good ones.

It has been an incredibly busy time for us all and yes, even for the “Man in Black,” with so many different challenges to stand up to, prepare for and to execute. Possibly because of these difficulties and added stresses of ensuring everything done was in the best interests of our clients and guests and above all else the safety of our Team and visitors, 2014 has also been incredibly rewarding.

Late this Summer I spent a bit of time in Canada working with a friend and the open-range horses he was training and had the opportunity to meet some very good people there as well.

It seems everything is changing, all over the world. I would like to remind you that not everything changes.

Chisana remains as it has always. Remote, secluded, surrounded by great mountains and icy waters, with great and magnificent critters roaming the last frontier with us.

I wanted to share with you a bit of a thought that has become a constant in my own life here as the leader of Pioneer Outfitters over the last couple of years.

To anyone, to everyone, I would like to remind you to not take anything for granted. Enjoy your lives and be an active and moving part of it, every day. Live your lives like the rock stars you are.

Sure, things will always change in our lives and it may not always appear to be for the best. Just take a deep breath of good fresh air ~ even if you have to stand by an open window with your eyes closed and fantasize, you will be ok. Your family will be ok and that is what and all that really matters.

We will always be here, in Chisana, and we will always be with you in spirit. There will always be a warm cabin and a comfortable bed waiting for you.

As long as the sun shines, the wind blows and the snow falls, we will always be a family and there is always room for more.

My 'Cubby' burning up
My ‘Cubby’ burning up

Are Airplane That Was Destroyed In A Fire In September 2013.

My ‘Cubby’ burning up, into ashes right in front of me was devastating. I was lost without my Super Cub. Cubby was not just an airplane. It was my relief from the pressures and demands of the real world. It gave me the freedom we all ache, yearn and for work so hard for.

I have come to understand that now is not forever, it is only present for that very brief moment of now. But when you are focusing on taking life one day at a time, now can seem like an eternity.

I would like to also add my own personal wish for you and your own to have a blessed and very happy Merry Christmas, for the season and the new year approaching so fast.

We hope to meet and get to know or renew old friendships with each and every one of you and your loved ones. I truly wish that each of you could come and stay with us for a long visit here in Chisana. Riding horses through this grand frontier and interacting with the wild on its own terms, allowing it to bring out the “wild” in you too.

Merry Christmas to you all. Happy Holidays and may blessings come to you and yours each day. Shoulders back, heels down, remember when the wolf is at the door, be the bear.

Safe Adventures!
Master Guide Terry Overly
The Man in Black
We here, at Pioneer Outfitters in Chisana, especially those that have been here for a long time know that not everything changes and we would like to share that with you. Pioneer Outfitters has made its living as horse- outfitters from it’s’ birth. Taking those generations of living in tPioneer Outfitters, Summerhis enormous wilderness and using them to show you all there is to be seen and to help you safely experience all the wonders it has to offer. Pioneer Outfitters would like to invite you to share and experience the wilds of Alaska with us. Visit:
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Aubrey Nathan

FUNNY Your Cubbby had a damaged prop that came from a bad landing and you didn’t have the funds for a new prop. I bet you buned it. How does a non flying AC catch fire?