Top Pistol Shooters Compete & Action at NRA Whittington Center This Week Shooting USA

Max Michel at USPSA Handgun Nationals
Max Michel at USPSA Handgun Nationals
Shooting USA
Shooting USA

USA – -( Shooting USA – The USPSA Handgun Nationals 2014

The top pistol shooters run and gun in unpredictable Utah weather at the USPSA Handgun Nationals. Plus, the Civil War sniper rifle, the Confederate Whitworth, is one of History’s Guns.

And then it’s action at the Whittington Center in the Rocky Mountain 3-Gun challenge.

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – Long Range Armor

Smith & Wesson Shooting Team Captain, Julie Golob is ranging out. She’s using the compact M&P Shield for shots one football field away, and maybe even farther! Plus, Cowboy Fast Draw World Champion, Cisko, is fanning for speed, while tracking targets in the air.


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Impossible Shots at Ft. Benning

Mike and the crew head to Ft. Benning where Sgt. Josh Richmond will attempt an “Impossible Shot” mimicking the late, great exhibition shooter, Herb Parsons. Plus, we meet with the Army Marksmanship Unit to pick up a tip or two on rifle barrel twist rates. Stay tuned!

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NRA Whittington Center
NRA Whittington Center