5 Ways To Use Social Media To Promote Your Shooting Sports Business

By James Kaleda

Social Media Guns
Social Media Guns
James Kaleda
James Kaleda

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- There are multiple articles and books targeted at the use of social media to increase and expand one’s business, but few of them elaborate on the exact types of content and techniques that could be used to attract the targeted customers, especially in the shooting sports industry.

The steps listed below elaborate on five tips you can that will keep you in your customers “top of mind”.

Opening Day: Opening day can be a great opportunity to connect with your customer through social media. Ask your audience about their favorite hunting traditions, or hunting stories. With states that have multiple hunting seasons, this gives you multiple opportunities to interact with your customers using social media. This is especially trueIn states like NJ, which has a new season opening almost weekly.

Showcase Your Customers: One of the great things about this business is that our customers are always giving us something to talk about. Showcasing your customers will get them and their friends sharing and commenting on your posts. The posts could be events related to a conservation project, shooting event or hunting trophy sharing a picture in relation to what your customers look forward to.

Share Action and Accessory Photos. Many shops post pictures of the guns in their inventory. This can be helpful especially if the firearm is unique. But how do you make your picture of a Glock 19 or S&W shield interesting? One way to make common inventory items into engaging posts is to take action photos of employees or customers holding the arms, and having those arms dressed up in profitable accessories.

Today in History (Memorials) Remembering important days through out the year such as the signing of the bill of rights, or Browning’s birthday and posting them on your social media accounts can really get your customers talking and sharing. Notorious days are good as well, reminding everyone about the day the NFA or Brady law went into effect will be sure to spark some political conversation.

Trawl Industry News. Thanks to sites like www.ammoland.com and the gun wire there is never a shortage of articles to talk about in What to say, when there is nothing to say 5 ways to use social media to promote your shooting sports business our industry. Share an article link along with your opinion or a provocative question. Be timely; you could benefit from the extra boost of being one of the first to comment on the topic.

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James Kaleda is a libertarian and gun rights advocate. He provides web marketing & outsourced sales to: •pro-gun groups, •liberty groups, •Firearms industry.

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Red Shift

Looking forward to the entire story of James Kaleda’s FALSE arrest , and Stalinist state tactics used to shut him up.
This story is even more important than guns themselves. Shout it from the rooftop. Radio, TV , Web, & in print.