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Lake Charles, LA -( Gun District, the groundbreaking new social community established specifically for firearms and outdoor enthusiasts, proudly announces unprecedented support from the industry and enormous growth amongst visitors since its recent launch.

The seeds of Gun District were planted when gun control proponents struck at the gun industry by limiting their freedoms through social media and search engine restrictions.

“When the web’s largest social media community, Facebook, began denying manufacturers the right to promote their products, we were paying attention,” states Paul Glasco, President and Founder of Legally Armed America and Gun District.

The Google search engine was next to strike against the gun industry by banning complete results relating to firearms and other products they didn’t deem “family safe,” according to Glasco.

“Initially, gun-related products appeared with all other products in search results on the shopping section of Google, but that changed in 2013. With many of the more than 80 million gun owners in America using Google as a shopping tool, the restrictions of the search engine giant had a huge negative impact on searches for gun-related products at a time when many Americans were seeking more information,” he said.

At Legally Armed America, they watched and listened as freedom was interfered with, “and began work on a rival social media community to Facebook that would openly welcome legitimate gun, ammo and accessory sales while at the same time encourage the much neglected gun-related interaction and conversation missing from the traditional outlets,” stated Glasco.

“Gun District was born as a place for responsible gun enthusiasts to share the same things online that all other Americans freely enjoy relating to their interests, friends and jobs, without being harassed or discriminated against,” Glasco said. “We can guarantee autonomy because we manage it ourselves under the Legally Armed America umbrella. As our Second Amendment rights come under more scrutiny and are increasingly threatened, it’s important that we all stay informed and united as a group, and that’s where Gun District plays an important role.”

“While we expected the firearms industry to embrace Gun District, we didn’t anticipate the explosion of interest from gun and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world that we’ve already enjoyed,” says Glasco. “Growth is averaging 100,000 page views per week with more than a 100 percent increase in membership on a weekly basis.”

According to Glasco, Gun District is unique as it encourages guns, ammo, accessories and other related products, services, and events to be advertised and discussed openly. Mobile apps are in development for iOS and Android formats and are expected soon.

Businesses relating to the firearms and the outdoor industry can create “Pages,” include profiles for their products and freely advertise gun-related products. There is a “Classified” section inviting individuals and/or companies to post guns, ammo, accessories or related products for sale and there are tabs for adding Events, Videos and Polls. Membership is free and there are no obligations of any kind, added Glasco.

“Features of the site are similar in nature to Facebook, only better because they’re gun-friendly!”

Join Gun District today and begin a conversation with other like-minded pro-gun members about anything from gun tips and reloading data to pictures and videos of your favorite guns and gun products for sale.

Visit to connect.

About Gun District

Gun District is a social networking service catering to those who share a reverence for the Second Amendment, guns and the outdoor lifestyle. Created in the spirit of camaraderie amongst people, organizations and companies with common interests, Gun District embraces the belief that restrictions on learning, sharing or purchasing guns or gun-related products is not a true representation of freedom. Responsible gun enthusiasts visit Gun District free from discrimination. Join today at, membership is free.

For more information, please visit

About Legally Armed America

Legally Armed America is a heart-pounding cable and web television show created for gun-lovers by gun addicts and dedicated to people who want to stay informed about the latest firearm-related products, events, news and just about anything gun related. Legally Armed America covers everything from useful reviews on the most exciting products, to supplying the latest gunsmithing techniques and tips. Field reporting from shooting competitions and industry events, as well as the most up-to-date news on gun legislation and gun control round out the dynamic show. The show is hosted by “a bunch of guys who grew up around guns, love the fact that our Constitution affords us the God-given right to purchase and own them, and appreciate the loads of responsible range time we get to spend with them.” Legally Armed America is an NRA News Official Partner.

For more information, visit Legally Armed America, Facebook, and Twitter.

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clayton burnett

Im glad to find more sights like this, They take mine when i run out of ammo they can pry my cold dead hands from it . Obama you can take that to the bank which will be a first!