Illegal Immigration Still Running Amok

Illegal Obama
Illegal Obama

PHOENIX, AZ –-( The lamestream media told you:

Illegals at the border have dropped to the lowest point in years, reports The Arizona Republic. Major news outlets have all but forgotten this story, so it must not be happening. Right?

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The local newspaper reported that 3,100 illegal aliens had come across into Arizona, in a story, late last year. They didn’t call them future democrat voters, as some critics claim.

Actually, Border Patrol reports 479,371 apprehensions at the border for 2014, nearly a half million, or 39,947 per month on average, most of them in Texas.

According to local experts, half a million people is a lot of mouths to feed.

It’s unclear what happened to them all, or if they’ll become future democrat voters as critics claim. Obama has jumped through many hoops to allow many illegals stay in the country, using a pen and a phone, in apparent violation of law. Critics question if he would do this if it were probable they would become republican voters.

The Border Patrol generally estimates it catches one illegal for every two that attempt illegal entry.

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What ever happened to his uncle that has a deportation court order from 21 years ago , is a convicted drunk driving. Seems no one does their job and lets him stay , once again the law does not apply to Obama and just do what I say.


The only this I see in this picture is this: A thug by any other name is still a thug, or You can put lipstick on a pig
but you still have a pig. I see a totally worthless president.


Hansen’s disease(Leprosy) and Tuberculosis are now reappearing in our schools. Not to mention Measles in epidemic proportions. Is this Obama’s plan. You tell me and we will both know.


Immigrants have been a vital part of US culture for a very long time, and the number has been restricted by quotas for much of that period. There’s a lot of heat over immigrants who enter the US without allowing themselves to be counted against those quotas. But is that the right debate? Maybe we should argue , because that could lead to a solution that is good for the US and Mexico, for left-wingers and right-wingers, but most importantly, the best for families desperate enough to risk everything to cross the border into the US.


This is reckless public endangerment by this administration . The illegals with known diseases have been transported to our communities – illegals with known criminal records released into our communities. Anyone who has been targeted or knows someone who has – or any cases in your area, please give input at This is also a site for Americans to unite and stand for justice. Americans interested in uniting to be heard , to take a stand, please visit the site . We look forward to hearing from you.