The Carnivore Hunter Blind – New from Ameristep

Ameristep Announces Its All-New Carnivore Hunting Blind
Ameristep Announces Its All-New Carnivore Hunting Blind

Columbus, GA -( More than 20 years of innovation and groundbreaking advancements firmly plant Ameristep‘s footprint on making hunting easier and more comfortable.

Ameristep’s passion for the hunt is what drives the company to make products like the new Carnivore Hunter Blind; a ground blind outdoorsmen can bring to the field with confidence. Ameristep’s Carnivore Hunter Blind will keep hunters comfortable, concealed, organized, safe and shooting straight.

The Carnivore features a 75-inch shooting width and is 67 inches tall, plenty of room to comfortably hunt three people. Fabricated with Durashell Rugged Shield HD fabric, the Carnivore Hunter Blind is  flat-out tough. There is no risk of tearing or poking holes in the Carnivore when hunting the blind in thick, rugged locations. A 360-degree magnetic window curtain provides complete range for viewing and shooting.

The Carnivore also has a ground skirt, a great feature that keeps scent in, while keeping ticks and other unwanted critters out. The Carnivore offers maximum concealment with the patented Edge ReLeaf, which breaks up hard edges, and the blind blends in perfectly with its Realtree Xtra camouflage pattern. The ground skirt also keeps light from entering the blind, a huge advantage in concealing the hunters inside.

The Carnivore Ground Blind includes tent stakes and tie-down rope. It also comes with a backpack that makes it easy to take the blind to hard-to-reach hunting areas while your hands are free to carry other gear. Whether they take to the woods with a bow, crossbow, firearm or a camera, today’s ground blind hunters demand the best.

At Ameristep, the outdoor lifestyle isn’t just a hobby or a past time, it’s a way of life with roots that run as deep as a the mighty oak. That level of passion shows in products like the Carnivore Hunter Blind.

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About Ameristep

AMERISTEP is the premier manufacturer of tree stands, ground blinds, safety harnesses and other useful hunting accessories with an excess of 100 products in its catalog. As a frontrunner in several competitive product spaces, AMERISTEP has led the charge toward the development of many of the hunting industry’s most functional and well-known products. With a strong commitment to the future and deep roots in the past, the brand continues to polish their pedigree as a time-honored trendsetter. For more information, contact: Evolved Ingenuity, 602 Fountain Parkway, Grand Prairie, TX 75050.

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Michael Reed

I have had deer stick their heads in my doghouse blind never blew,snorted or showed any signs of alarm Keep up the good work. Ameristep has become a necessary piece of equipment for bow season as well as rifle season.