Barack’s Five O’Clock Follies

By John Farnam

Tiny Obama
Barack’s Five O’Clock Follies
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( During the Vietnam War, I vividly remember daily military briefings, faithfully delivered by military spokesmen to the press corps in Saigon.

They were cynically referred to by news correspondents as “The Five O’Clock Follies,” as both content and presentation were so preposterously biased and self-serving as to be laughably absurd.

Gradually, fewer and fewer correspondents even bothered attending.

Today’s naive, self-congratulatory announcement of the last-minute Iran “deal” by BHO reminded me of those days!

As back then, I thought to myself, “… you cannot possibly believe the moronic drivel that you are, with a straight face, spinning as the ‘truth.’ Please, assure me that you know you are lying to us.”

After giving away any bargaining position we may have once had, in exchange for virtually nothing on the part of Iranians, there is still no “agreement,” written or otherwise, and all we can be sure of is that the so-called June “deadline” is a joke.

The Iranians, sensing weakness, will drag it out indefinitely (as they have for the past fifteen years), while sanctions (the only bargaining chip we allow ourselves to have) fade away.

Fictitious threats from the BHO Administration to “walk away” from negotiations are as hollow as the rest of their rhetoric.

Under this Administration, Iran will soon have nuclear weapons, all phoney promises and assurances aside!

We’ll all be witnesses!

“… and I wonder, still I wonder, who’ll stop the rain” ~ From “Who’ll Stop the Rain,” written by John Fogerty in 1970. Sung by Ceedence Clearwater Revival in the 1978 film by the same name, staring Nick Nolte.


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