Rio Grande Custom Grips is Proud to Introduce Several New Grips for Ruger Revolvers

Rio Grande Ruger grips
Rio Grande Ruger grips
Rio Grande Custom Grips
Rio Grande Custom Grips

Brighton, CO -( Rio Grande Custom Grips is excited to announce all-new handgun grips for the Ruger New Model Blackhawk, New Model Single-Six, Old Army and Old Model, XR3-RED frame Vaquero.*

“These new good looking Rio Grande Ruger grips make any revolver really look great and they’re tough as nails. Rio Grande handgun grips are a great way to make a statement or to simply dress up great looking guns.” -Bryan Chambers, VP, Rio Grande Custom Grips

The images are sharper than previous attempts at this type of illustrated grip by other companies because the image is applied through a secret and patented tattooing process and then encased in tough poly-material. Rio Grande images are dead on sharp.

One of several new grips for Rugers is Rio Grande’s matte faux ivory grips with the new Aces & Eights image-the famous “dead man’s hand” held by “Wild Bill” Hickok when he was murdered in Deadwood City.

Made from molded high-strength specialized polymer, the grips are seriously tough and durable. Rio Grande grips are salt, oil, solvent, water impact and abrasion resistant.

Rio Grande Custom Grips produces a huge series of beautifully illustrated handgun grips for various revolvers and semi-autos. Rio Grande offers over 100 standard factory images and designs.

Customers can supply Rio Grande with their own design for an additional small charge and have that design or even a photo replicated. This is an excellent option for clubs, groups, associations, police, military units and even special events.

  • MSRP: 1 pair $64.95,
    • 2-5 pairs $54.95 each plus shipping and handling.

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*NOTE:The Old Model Ruger Vaquero has a serial number with a two digit prefix before the serial number and the New Model has a serial number with a three-digit prefix before the serial number.

About Rio Grande Custom Grips

Rio Grande Custom Grips manufactures premium gun grips for handguns with removable grips. We currently sell grips for the legendary 1911 full-size pistol and clones, full-size Bobtail 1911 pistols, the Taurus PT1911, Compact/Officer 1911 pistols, the Sig Sauer P938, Ruger Vaquero, Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, Single-Six, and 22/45 Mark III. We will be adding new models in the future, so please let us know what other guns you would like to see supported either by sending us an email or by voting in our “New Product Poll.”

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