Second Amendment Foundation Takes Case Of Arizona Navy Vet Whose Guns Were Seized

Gun Seizures
Second Amendment Foundation Takes Case Of Arizona Navy Vet Whose Guns Were Seized
Second Amendment Foundation
Second Amendment Foundation

BELLEVUE, WA –-( The Second Amendment Foundation announced today that it has taken on funding the case of a retired Glendale, Arizona Navy veteran whose gun collection was seized by authorities because of an on-going dispute with a neighbor who obtained a protection order.

The case of 56-year-old Rick Bailey has made headlines in the Southwest and across the Internet. Bailey had complained to the City of Glendale about the neighbor’s habit of parking dump trucks used in his landscaping company. The dispute unfolded over several months until Bailey called police over concerns of toxic chemical odors apparently coming from the neighbor’s property. The neighbor apparently alleged that Bailey had threatened him, and the following day, he obtained a harassment order against Bailey. Police showed up and took Bailey’s gun collection, and he wants his property back.

SAF is working with Chandler, Arizona attorney Mark J. Victor to secure the return of Bailey’s firearms and help solve his predicament. Bailey’s collection of 28 firearms has an estimated value of more than $25,000 and took more than a decade for him to collect.

“Mr. Bailey is devastated by this situation,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb. “We seem to live in an environment when someone’s life can be turned upside down on an allegation that should have been thoroughly investigated before any action was ordered by a court.

“Sadly,” he continued, “this kind of hideous gun confiscation flies below the radar and it is happening more frequently to gun owners across the country.

“Bailey had to retire from his job due to a disability from a back injury that also resulted in his medical discharge from the Navy after four years of service,” he noted. “He couldn’t physically harm anybody.

“This situation appears to have gotten out of control,” Gottlieb observed. “A generation ago, neighbors solved this kind of dispute over a cup of coffee or a Sunday barbecue. We’re helping Bailey in his appeal of the judge’s order so he can not only reclaim his valuable firearms, but also some of his dignity as well.”

The Second Amendment Foundation ( ) is the nation’s oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 650,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.

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Has anyone here ever heard of the NRA? Yes?
Well, the NRA is the OLDEST and LARGEST Second Amendment organization, not the Second Amendment Foundation.
The NRA has over FOUR MILLION members, and was founded in 1872, over 100 years before the SAF.


There is a great need to regain representation….term limits no retirement for all elected and appointed government officials, a ballot driven consumption tax to replace the progressive income tax and the ban of all special interest government unions…it is a start to paring down this oversized, excessive government…


The man was denied his due process by the Judge and the law that is also unconstitutional because it calls for confiscation of firearms by a Judge order without a trial or hearing.

John Mark McNair

Taking of his guns was unconstitutional plain and simple. Can you say “shall not be infringed.” All of the laws that get passed regulating guns or allowing the seizure as in this case are unconstitutional and therefore illegal and null and void!

Jay Warren Clark

In order for this to be good reporting we need names. Otherwise we will think that those involved are being protected, eh? What is the judges name? Who took the complaint calls, what did they do so that this issued in a warrant for confiscation, etc. The judges and the police work for us; why should they be anonymous? JWC


For “Jimmy the Greek”, in Glendale it’s against city rules to park commercial vehicles in a residential area. I had a neighbor that also parked his trucks in the street and yard until complaints to the city resulted in the removal of the trucks. Hope that Rick gets ALL his gun back and in the condition that they were in when illegally taken!!


Unless I’m having problems with my Eyesight, or those Shopping Carts full of guns are a “Cut-and Paste” Job. That look’s like a Hell Of A More than 28-guns. More like 200-guns.


come-on really? this was not a picture of his actual guns! Use your head please!!! P.S. please don’t vote for hillary either!!

Jay Warren Clark

Do you read the bible in this literalist way as well? Jesus! JWC

The Rifleman

I have been a victim myself of these kind of “witch hunts” confiscations ordered by an over-zealous prosecutor and a corrupt justice system, so I can definitely relate to how Mr. Baily feels!! This is indeed an outrage, and I hope they get all of his firearms back for him and a big financial reward as well for him. They didn’t say, but you can bet they took all of his ammunition too!

Kudos to the Second Amendment Foundation for their assistance for Mr. Baily.


The VA tried unsuccessfully to take my firearms, because I went to my congressman to get the 100% disability that they had been denying me for 40 yrs. They cited that because I had anxiety and PTSD I might be a danger to others. I again went above their heads and got the same congressman on them. They were pissed because I finally got what was owed to me and I went above their heads to get it. We always have to always be on the lookout for the VA, government, and other gun grabbing people and organizations. If they… Read more »

Jay Warren Clark

What state do you live in and who is your congressman for goodness sakes! If you in fact have a constitutional congressman or senator your neighbors want to know who that is. Goodness! JWC

Jimmy the Greek

First off the navy vet brought this on him self by crying about the dump trucks to the city ! It was none of his business what his nabor parked at his home ! Taking of the guns was not right , however none of this would have happend had he mined his own business . FYI i own guns and a 18 wheeler that i park at my home .


If you readthe article the dump trucks were being parked in front of the VETS house so on that he had the right to go to the city, and fyi the trucks are still getting parked in front of his house, the neighbor should be able to find another place to park them, since there is more than one. The vets neighbor in this case did this to cause trouble, most vets that I know do everything they can to stay away from and out of trouble.

John Wirts

If as it appears this is a residential area, and the neighbor is parking business trucks in front his or his neighbors residence, that is a violation of city codes, I had a similar neighbor, who also had large trucks, he parked them on his property not on the street! That’s the law! If guns are targeted inappropriately there should be no ANONYMOUS complainant , police officers, lawyers, public employees and judge(s) . Any and all who perpetuate a fraud against a law abiding citizen, should be charged tried and if convicted, removed from and barred from any public office,… Read more »


Reichsfuehrer – SS Heinrich Himmler must be alive and in office in Glendale, AZ!


Illegal search and seizure at it’s worst ! I sure hope he has an attorney !


I cant believe some bullshit like this would happen in AZ. Maybe NY,NJ,CT,..but not AZ ! Mr.Bailey needs to get his firearms back right now,then file lawsuits and own the city of Glendale,AZ. From what I understand he has already got a damn good attorney that I believe is taking this theft case pro bono ! (illegal search and seizure)


The law is an ass. So is the ATF , or by its legal fiction name: Puerto Rico Trust Fund # 62. I hope the SAF will look into the criminal fraud being paraded as actual law. Search the term PR Trust Fund # 62 ( calling all lawyers ) and explain how this even exists.