Montie Gear to Host Camping Trip for Annual Customer Appreciation Weekend

May 22-24, 2015

Montie Gear Y-Shot Slingshot
Montie Gear Y-Shot Slingshot
Montie Gear
Montie Gear

Asheville, NC -( We appreciate your business. As a way of saying thanks we host a camping trip every year on Memorial Day.

Join us for a fun, safe and family friendly weekend on a 120 acre tract at 3900 feet of elevation in the beautiful WNC mountains at Troublesome Gap (near Asheville, NC). We’ll have lots of fun camping, staying busy and sitting by the campfire. Rest assured that there will be lots of slingshot shooting and other fun activities.

We’ll post the schedule as we get closer to the event. Joining us for the whole time or just one day is totally up to you. The event is free but you need to pre-register at

You’ll need to bring everything you need to camp for the weekend. We’ll provide dinner by the campfire on Saturday night and a fire for you to cook on the rest of the time, but you’ll need to bring everything else. If you want to contribute to the dinner on Saturday night with your favorite campfire dish, just let me know and we will plan accordingly.

Click on the image above to see the video from the drone or click here:


The weather for this event is generally nice, but it is the mountains so temperatures can range from 30s at night to mid 80s in the daytime. Rain is always a possibility.

Getting There

We will email directions and contact numbers to the event a few days in advance. GPS can send you down the wrong road up there. There are places where your cell phone just won’t work as you are driving up, so we’ll make sure you can find it.

If you have a really nice car or aren’t comfortable driving on steep mountain gravel roads, email Montie and we’ll set up a pickup point down in the valley just off the paved roads. We suggest a 4wd for the last 1/2 mile up the driveway but there is plenty of parking at the bottom and we’ll run a shuttle back and forth.

Tweets, Instagram and Hashtags

Please use the #troublesomegap hashtag for tweets and pics.


Email [email protected] with any questions.

We’ll have plenty of:

  • water
  • space to camp
  • slingshot ammo
  • targets
  • power for charging electronics is on site

Suggested things to bring:

  • standard camping gear (tent, sleeping bag etc.)
  • warm clothes and a water resistant jacket
  • camp chair for sitting by the
  • cooking and eating gear (pots, pants, utensils, plates, etc.)
  • food for all meals except for Saturday night
  • sturdy shoes
  • long pants
  • bug out bag (we may have a comparison / expo)
  • Montie Gear (can’t forget that)

Suggested things to leave at home:

  • your cares and worries

If You Don’t Want to Camp

Bring Your RV?

  • We can provide a spot for your RV. Depending on your RV and your tow vehicle (if its 4wd) and the weather, we might be able to provide a hookup. Email [email protected] to discuss.

Our philosophy for Montie Gear products is pretty straight forward. We provide “Heirloom Quality Products That are Troublesome Gap Tough”.

Heirloom Quality

Many products in today’s world are meant to have a limited lifetime. A good example is that cell phone that you need to replace every two years. It works great, but over time technology changes and the fragile electronics have a limited lifetime. We want to design and sell products that have a very long lifetime and may actually get passed along to your kids or grandchildren. Many rifles get passed along from parent to children, sometimes marking a rite of passage. Granted a shooting rest isn’t as special as your Grandfather’s rifle. However, we work to design and sell products that are simple, elegant and high enough quality that you will want to pass them along to your kids or grandchildren.

Troublesome Gap Tough

Troublesome Gap is a place in Western North Carolina, near the peak of Hap Mountains and overlooking Spring Creek, NC. My parents purchased the property over 40 years ago. I grew up spending time there. We cut firewood for heat, picked blackberries and raspberries, and spent some great weekends up there. Troublesome Gap is remote and rugged, the perfect place to test our products. Troublesome Gap Tough means that the products are rugged and easy-to-use. A delicate, hard-to-use product is a liability in the field, so we avoid that by making sure all our products provide a great customer experience and are built to last, even in demanding conditions.

As President of Montie Design, I am proud the fact that we are shipping high-quality, U.S. made products. I am also proud to be an American.

About Montie Gear

Montie Gear is a part of Montie Design. Montie Design is a NC-based design firm that provides product design and development services to a variety of industries. We also happen to enjoy spending time outdoors and the shooting sports. Montie Gear is the product of our love for great design and our love for the great outdoors. Our goal is to provide easy-to-use, superior-quality outdoor and shooting gear, manufactured in the U.S.A. whenever possible. We test many of our products at Troublesome Gap in Western North Carolina. Our motto is “Heirloom Quality, Troublesome Gap Tough.”

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