Nevada Update on Gun Bills and Campus Carry

There is never a dull moment in the Nevada Legislature and this past week was no different. 

Nevada: Update on Gun Bills and Campus Carry
Nevada: Update on Gun Bills and Campus Carry
NRA - Institute for Legislative Action
NRA – Institute for Legislative Action

Fairfax, VA -( In the span of one week, a campus carry bill was declared dead for the session, another continues to sit exempt from legislative deadlines, an omnibus bill had a campus carry amendment attached and later removed and finally an emergency measure was introduced for campus carry.

This session saw the introduction of two bills focused on expanding citizen’s rights to carry concealed onto university campuses, Assembly Bill 148 and Senate Bill 350. SB 350 was exempted from legislative deadlines early on in the session but has not seen any movement. AB 148 did have movement passing through the Assembly but eventually failed to meet deadlines in the Senate because it was never scheduled for a hearing or vote.

As it became clear that AB 148 was not going to move in the Senate Judiciary committee, campus carry was amended in the Assembly Judiciary Committee to an omnibus gun bill, Senate Bill 175. This amendment was voted down on the floor by legislators, some of which had voted in favor of AB 148 but expressed concern that the amendment would jeopardize the passage of the underlying bill. Some of the same legislators who voted against the amendment introduced an emergency measure the next day, Assembly Bill 487.

Sponsors of AB 487 include: Assemblymen James Oscarson (R-36), Jim Wheeler (R-39), Derek Armstrong (R-21), Chris Edwards (R-19), Stephen Silberkraus (R-29), Lynn Stewart (R-22) and Assemblywoman Melissa Woodbury (R-23). This bill expands areas where concealed carry permit holders can lawfully carry to university campuses and includes provisions to allow for a firearm to be stored in an occupied or locked motor vehicle on a school campus.

AB 487 has been scheduled for a hearing in the Assembly Judiciary Committee tomorrow, May 26. Please contact committee members and politely voice your SUPPORT of Assembly Bill 487.

Last week, two important gun bills, Senate Bill 175 and Assembly Bill 136, passed the Nevada legislature and have been enrolled and sent to Governor Brian Sandoval (R).

Senate Bill 175 makes drastic improvements to Nevada’s gun laws. This is done by improving Nevada’s preemption statutes, ensuring consistency in gun laws throughout the Silver State and most importantly abolishing handgun registration in Clark County. This bill also improves the self-defense statutes by extending the castle doctrine to include automobiles and creates a rebuttable presumption in state law for when a person is acting in self-defense. Finally the bill expands the list of out of state permits that will be recognized to carry concealed in Nevada.

Assembly Bill 136, introduced by Assemblyman John Ellison (R-33)recognizes the right of archery hunters to carry a firearm for personal protection. While afield, hunters may face threats from large predators or violent crime, and the limitations of archery equipment can leave a hunter helpless. There is simply no reason why a hunter using a bow and arrow should lose his or her ability, and therefore right, to personal protection. AB 136 also allows for the adoption of reasonable accommodations for those hunters with certain disabilities.

It is important that you please contact Governor Brian Sandoval and politely urge him to sign into law Senate Bill 175 and Assembly Bill 136.

Contact information for Governor Sandoval is provided at the bottom of this alert.

As previously reported, Assembly Bill 167 would make changes to current Nevada law regarding law-abiding gun owners storing and carrying firearms and ammunition on the premises of a family foster home and with foster children. AB 167 would authorize law-abiding gun owners to store firearms and ammunition on the premise of a foster home in a locked secure storage container. Further, it would allow an individual to carry a firearm on their person off the property, in the presence of a child, if they possess a permit to carry concealed. AB 167 was amended and passed favorably out of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee last week and awaits a vote by the Senate where it has been exempted from deadlines.

Senate Bill 240, introduced by state Senator Michael Roberson (R-20), would require a court to transmit certain records concerning an individual’s mental health to the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History for purposes relating to purchasing and possessing a firearm, it also removes the fees on voluntary background checks and provides provisions to target “straw purchasers.” This bill was amended to include improvements to the state preemption laws and abolish the handgun registration requirements in Clark County. AB 240 passed the Assembly and has been sent to the Senate for concurrence.

Please contact Governor Brian Sandoval TODAY and politely urge him to sign into law Senate Bill 175 and Assembly Bill 136. Also, contact members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee and urge them to SUPPORT AB 487. 

Stay tuned to your email inbox and for further updates on AB 167 and SB 240 as they progress through the Nevada Legislature.

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