Advantage Hunting’s Deluxe Blind Has It All

Advantage Hunting - Deluxe Blind
Advantage Hunting – Deluxe Blind
Advantage Hunting
Advantage Hunting

Raleigh, NC -( Able to be used while gun or bowhunting and compatible for use both on the ground and elevated, the Advantage Hunting Deluxe Blind is perfect for any hunting scenario.

No matter where you are hunting, any trip can be improved with the Deluxe Blind from Advantage Hunting. A key feature is that there’s no need to worry about being scented by deer while hunting in this blind, as it has a patented scent-proof design. Over 30 feet above the blind, an exhaust pipe drafts air out while intake ports near the base bring in fresh air. This keeps the blind completely airtight and scent-proof.

The Advantage Hunting Deluxe Blind has a capacity of 500 pounds while weighing only 185 pounds, so it is lightweight, while the heavy-duty polyethylene design keeps it virtually maintenance free. This blind is weather and bug resistant and includes a through-bolt design with interlocking corners. Clearly, this blind is designed to last.

With a full door for ground hunting and a trap door for when the blind is elevated, the Advantage Hunting Deluxe Blind is accessible in any hunting situation. Tinted polycarbonate windows are positioned to provide a 360-degree view while still offering concealment. Great for gun or bowhunting, the windows flip up and out of the way to allow for the perfect shot.

The heavy-duty polyethylene olive drab shell gives the Advantage Hunting Deluxe Blind camouflage and durability. A black interior and carpeted, ¾-inch pressure-treated plywood floor makes this blind comfortable and functional.

Made in both two-person and four-person versions, the Advantage Hunting Deluxe Blind can be used when hunting alone, with a partner, or even a small group. Used as both a ground or elevated blind for gun or bowhunting, this blind makes every hunting trip easier and more enjoyable. The Advantage Hunting Deluxe Blind is truly the most versatile on the market and is a necessity for any serious hunter.

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Advantage Hunting Blinds are the leaders in rigid, portable, lightweight, scent-proof blinds. Our blinds are so technologically advanced in function and design that you can enjoy hunting more successfully and comfortably with less maintenance.

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