Is Michigan Being Lapped on the Right of Self Defense

By JCoyne

Michigan Open Carry
Michigan Open Carry

Michigan – -( Has anyone wondered if Michigan is being lapped in terms of advancing the protections to your fundamental human right to self defense?

While modest gains have been made this session (brandishing, elimination of gun boards etc.), one must ask if this is good enough.

Michigan is solidly republican on the state level. The democrats have as much power in Lansing as republicans do in Honolulu or Sacramento.

Looking around the country, 2015 has been a good year for those who value their fundamental human right to self defense.

  • Maine has re-legalized switchblades and is about to eliminate the permit requirement for concealed handguns.
  • Texas re-legalized open carry, passed knife preemption, and passed college campus concealed carry.
  • Nevada re-legalized switchblades and passed the best firearms preemption law in the country. Overnight, Clark County’s handgun registration, park carry ban, and other infringements were wiped clean on Saturday.
  • Florida passed constitution carry during “mandatory evacuations”.
  • Kansas passed constitution carry and is arguably now one of the most 2A friendly juristictions in the United States.
  • Ohio drastically overhauled their gun laws for the better as well. At this point, Ohio greatly surpass Michigan.
  • Wisconsin eliminated their 2 day waiting period for handgun preemption and is on the verge of passing knife preemption and switchblade re-legalization.
  • Kentucky made some minor changes for the better as well.
  • Minnesota passed an omnibus reform bill that made many changes for the better.
  • West Virginia made some good changes and now has a strong preemption law.

All these states are solidly republican at the moment (except for Maine, West Virginia governor’s office, and Minnesota). They all seem to be making advancements. Why isn’t Michigan?

Many like to paint the Governor Syder as the boogey man; however, the blame on him is only so limited. Minnesota has an anti-gun governor, who vowed to veto their omnibus reform package.

The Democrat Senate and the Republican House actually tied the omnibus package to the state budget bill to force the governor to sign the bill.

The point of this article can be summed up with two simply points.

  1. It’s unacceptable for any gun group to not push a good bill because the governor may/will veto it. Who cares? Put him on record.
  2. The house and senate should do more in Lansing. There is no reason not to tie bar some neeeded RKBA reform into bigger bills that the governor would sign.

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Michigan is being lapped for sure. 750.227 CCW charges are thrown around like candy. It’s even illegal for a non CPL holder to put a handgun in a gun case from a gun store and walk to your car with it. The MSP and Wayne County DA have stated so and have arrested numerous people for this. A CPL can be denied even for minor criminal activity. Permit less open carry is a misnomer, you need a license to carry openly in a vehicle and you need a license to carry in 750.234d zones. Michigan has a lot of places… Read more »


Michigan isn’t getting lapped – other states are just catching up. Prior to this year we already had permitless open carry, shall-issue concealed carry, strong local preemption laws, castle doctrine, stand your ground (minus the special pre-trial hearing), and immunity from civil liability in self-defense cases.

Other than eliminating pistol registration and trimming the so-called “gun free” zone list, there’s not much else to fix.

The Rifleman

Adam. You are absolutely correct sir. It’s over zealous prosecutors and biased judges that are the major problem here. Not Michigan getting “lapped”!