ISACS: International Small Arms Control Standards – What Is It?

By Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen

International Small Arms Control Standards, referred to as ISACS,
International Small Arms Control Standards, referred to as ISACS,
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AmmoLand Gun News

New York –-( The International Small Arms Control Standards, referred to as ISACS, is a fairly new United Nations (UN) document.

But the specifics of this document are as old as any attempts to disarm a populace.

The document in its current form may be of no concern to us right now, but it is very important for us to know about it. And this is because it WILL be used as a weapon against all lawful gun owners and their right to self defense.

So, what is ISACS?

ISACS is a mass of regulations designed to control every aspect of weapons possession by all governments and all civilians. Several series of standards were written specifically for small arms. [international] The draft document for “National Regulation of Civilian Access to Small Arms and Light Weapons“ was removed from the Control Standards Modules web pages on the ISACS website, but they are available on Ammoland.

These standards are so onerous, that they will be nearly impossible to remain lawful, even if one intended to follow all the dictates.

Other modules of ISACS cover such items as controls on nations, stockpile management, and marking & tracing regulations. These are more easily available, as they do not directly affect civilians. They affect us indirectly.

These restrictive policies were written without any understanding of the outcome of the rules. Factual expertise and information were rejected as faulty gibberish by gun-phobic hacks, and replaced with philosophical political goals.

At some point in the future these standards will confront us via the UN. So we must be ready.

The UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is now in force and being organized by its proponents to aid in global arms control. And, it is important to note that US Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama approved and signed onto the ATT. However, the proponents are disappointed with the ATT’s terms. In order to come to the drafting table and write the ATT policies, the treaty had to be predicated on 100% consensus by the UN’s member states. For this to happen, the proponents needed to compromise away their strong desire to have greater control over civilian arms.

Once the ATT matures, the constraint of 100% agreement by the member states will disappear and strong civilian arms control can be added back into it. This is where ISACS comes into play. Weapons control proponents will be able to add ISACS protocols, which will include every diabolical scheme to disarm civilians, directly into the treaty.

This will aid in strengthening civilian disarmament programs around the world. And the ISACS proponents are hoping to include the US.  

Remember, President Obama signed it!

It is important to remember that our US Senate will have to address this issue somewhere in the future. It is strongly required that efforts are made to have the US Senate NOT ratify this treaty. Either way however, the UN and the world will believe that the US is on-board because our President signed it.

Obama No Guns United Nations
UN Arms Trade Treaty, remember, President Obama signed it!

What is new and possibly threatening, is that previous disarmament programs were ‘politically‘ binding and were generally ignored. The ATT was created as ‘legally‘ binding. Its proponents were initially willing to compromise because the treaty would be a totally new.

An ATT combined with ISACS creates an easy path for global gun controllers to implement every wish their little minds can think of. ISACS will accomplish the task of making lawful gun ownership expensive and onerous, thus discouraging gun ownership.

The ISACS regulators already believe they know how to damage the US culture of freedom that we have created. In the past, they have attempted to document firearms from manufacture to destruction. They have attempted to document firearms owners, limit the type and number of firearms and ammunition owned and the reasons for gun ownership.

They have narrowed the age limits for possession. They limit reasons for possession. They constantly find new groups of people who should not be permitted to own firearms. They have attempted to control storage requirements of firearms and ammunition, disguised as ‘safety measures.’ They have repeatedly lied and attempted to frighten people about the dangers of firearm ownership without ever addressing the many benefits. Their ‘scientific‘ literature is based on false evaluations and is rife with statistical deception.

But the most critical dictum of the gun-phobes, and hopefully their downfall, is their determination to retain a central control of force, as they are exceedingly reluctant to allow and consider civilian self defense with firearms.

Self defense for individual civilians is not mentioned in the latest ISACS draft .

Self defense is one of their central issues. That’s because they understand that civilian firearms ownership for sport only is the path to firearms bans. When civilian self defense is included among benefits of civilian ownership,  the narrative  changes. The desire to possess weapons for defense of self and family, rather than for sport shooting or hunting, is the factor that makes civilian disarmament nearly impossible to achieve, in most human cultures.

For gun owners, it is worthwhile to follow local mandates, and to spend the time and money to be able to successfully use their firearms for self defense. But when the local laws make it nearly impossible to remain as lawful gun owners, a need arises for law abiding citizens to disobey firearms regulations, so they can protect themselves and their families. And that is what drives the so called “black market” in guns.

In other nations, as the ATT protocols tighten gun rules and regulations, the black market will grow and prosper. We only need to look at our own cities where gun control has been the norm for many decades, where most of the murders and violence occur with firearms from the black market.

But for now, for us, so what! They can’t get our guns! We have our Second amendment! Right?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean we are in the clear. Weapons will be controlled by a legally binding international treaty run by terribly frustrated people who believe that the presence of guns causes most of the global violence. There will be occasional pockets of resistance, but we Americans will shoulder the burden of keeping this “new norm” of civilian disarmament from sweeping away the truths of our Founding Fathers.

Survival Gun Safe
Gun sales have not been this strong in decades. We cannot be disarmed. But why should we let ourselves be drawn into a situation where we need to show authorities that we are in a standoff?

We are in a good position for this battle. Natural disasters, recent civil violence, and Obama’s gun rights policies have combined to drive home the safe reality and comfort of a loaded available firearm. Gun sales have not been this strong in decades. We cannot be disarmed. But why should we let ourselves be drawn into a situation where we need to show authorities that we are in a standoff?

Our political reality is that there are pro gun and anti gun cycles. Surveys are showing that the folks have had it with gun control promises of security and peace of mind. They want the certainty of a firearm closely at hand. We expect to be in control for at least another decade or two, and to gain more strength in the next 10 years.

At the same time, our enemies are creating and storing their weapons. In a decade they will be at their strongest. But this new tactic will fail them for the same reason that we have gained such strength. Much of the disarmed population will use the black market to arm themselves.

The truth is-guns work. They deter attacks. They are easy to use. They equalize the balance of power.

Around the globe little pockets of resistance, with people who understand the need for firearms as a survival tool, will not comply and that will slowly destroy the treaty. The stronger the treaty becomes, the more chaos it will create as it fails.

ISACS – we must know about it, and we must be watchful of it. We must be aware of the global directives and protocols that it supports.  We should continue on our present path. Knowledge, truth and steadfastness in our beliefs are our main weapons against the global mob.


Alan J Chwick has been involved with firearms much of his life, and is currently the Managing Coach of the Freeport Junior Club, at the Freeport NY Revolver & Rifle Association, Freeport, NY.

Joanne D Eisen practices dentistry on Long Island, NY. She has collaborated and written on firearm politics for the past 25years, and is a Senior Fellow in Criminology at the Independence Institute in Denver, CO.

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Those in the Obama adminstration that keep spitting on the Bill of Rights. In the name of “public safety” “terrorism” “lone wolf terrorist” “UN mandates” . Government agencies that are rogue.
Our forefathers would have not allowed any of this.