New Mexico: Right to Carry Reform Legislation Takes Effect

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National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)
National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Fairfax, VA –-(  House Bill 431, passed during the 2015 Regular Session of the New Mexico Legislature, went into effect over the weekend – making multiple changes to the process of applying for and renewing a concealed handgun license in New Mexico.

Originally sponsored by state Representative Bob Wooley (R-66) and expanded by a floor amendment from state Senator Craig Brandt (R-40), HB 431 allows certain military service personnel and current New Mexico Mounted Patrol members to forego the training and fee requirements to apply for or renew a license.

More information on the new law can be found here.

Further, the New Mexico Department of Public Safety has announced that individuals applying to renew their license are no longer required to submit fingerprints.  With these changes, the renewal application fee will revert back to $75.


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    1. I love reading comments on these gun-friendly sites. It’s not enough that Americans are allowed to own almost any gun imaginable, they are always afraid that government is looking for ways to take their guns. I’ve owned rifles and handguns since 1973. I’ve been licensed in CA, NC, and now I carry a CCW from Arizona. I am a military veteran, (paratrooper from 1/503 Inf., 173rd Airborne Bde.(SEP) in Vietnam 68-70, also and I have heard this garbage about government taking our guns for 45 years. There have been a few times where I walked a fine line between being legal and illegal in some of my doings, yet no one has ever insinuated that I might lose my guns. Are all of these people nut cases? Even Obama came right out and said that no one wanted to take anyone’s guns, yet the topic I’m always reading about is “Guvment gonna take your guns”. Why all the paranoia? Of all the people on these forums, how many have ever heard of government taking their guns. I’ve been reading sites online for at least 15 years and Nobody I know had their guns taken. These guys sound like a bunch of old women worried about the lady down the street wearing a two-piece.

      1. How about your fellow vets who are losing their rights for all sorts of BS not related to anything other than government deciding (with no legal process, by the way) it’s up to them? I’m left looking for something much stronger than BS to describe this situation, but civility (barely) prevails…

      2. Well John – Its pretty obvious that you have no idea what the difference is between a Right and a Privilege.

        The Constitution does NOT give us any rights – it only informs those traitors in government what a few of our rights are and that they are to do nothing to infringe upon them – tho they do every day.

        You need to do some serious reading – you present attitude and absolute lack of knowledge makes you a big part of the problem with this country.

    2. When I first heard about this bill passing I was very glad. BUT, after thinking about it I changed my mind.

      Upon renewing as a military veteran, you are required to submit a DD form 214 which is then attached to your conceal carry license file. You will then be specifically identified on a firearm license as a military veteran. This is just another insidious underhanded way to collect and specifically identify military veterans that own firearms and carry them for active use in defense of ourselves and other innocent people.

      Now, put that together with all of the other information that has been collected on us veterans and the government agencies that have belittled military veterans, especially veterans with PTSD or other disabilities. And you have the government making a registration list of military veterans that have firearms.

      Also look at this from another point of view. The Second Amendment specifically states that “the Right … Shall Not Be Infringed”. By requiring certain groups to pay a fee to exercise their God given unalienable Right and then exempting other groups the state is creating a “class” system and discriminating against certain citizens. Thus, the state is using their “unconstitutional authority” over our individually owned God given unalienable Right, by using a law to exert control over a pre-existing, above any man-made laws, human Right given to us, endowed upon us by our Creator.!

      As for me, “give me liberty or give me death”, I will NOT COMPLY or submit any verification of military service so they can identify me any more specifically than the broad scope of the “unconstitutional tyrannical law”, that infringes upon my God given Right, requires!

      1. What God-given right are you babbling about? Any rights you have are laid out in the US Constitution. You don’t have to tell anybody anything! You are allowed to own your guns. BUT!!! If you want to carry those guns concealed in most states, then you will have to take a safety/usage course OR submit your DD 214 to show you had weapons training in the military. Somebody has to process those docs so you will also pay a fee. You can legally own your guns, and sit at home with them and not pay anything, but if you want to avoid more legal fees down the road you WILL pay the state and submit the required docs. Otherwise you’ll be fighting this battle from jail.

      2. CoosaTotahK9, you, sir, are correct. All licenses and permits create privileged classes, which our Constitution specifically prohibits. Again, against Constitution=BS, hence “no duty to obey”. That said, it takes a pile of dough or a critical mass of freedom lovers to make it real. Many in NY and also the rest of America are warming up for just such a circumstance. Hopefully, the courts, legislatures, and our “public servants” will see the light before things get seriously out of hand. Time will tell…

      1. Your right as a citizen is the right to own a gun, but nobody has promised that you could carry it concealed. You have to jump through hoops to do that. or you can go to jail. Your choice!

        1. BS! Any licenses, permits, or restrictions are INFRINGMENT! Period. Free persons do not pay for or seek permission to exercise their God given (yep, God, not gov.) rights. In Marbury, even our sometimes flaky Supreme Court says so: anything even in the form of “law” contrary to our Constitution is null & void at inception, and “creates no duty to obey.” Folks who don’t understand something so simple have no standing to tell anyone anything about how to conduct themselves, much less enforce their particular brand of horse manure. If you just ask, I’ll tell you how I and many of my fellow Americans really feel…

        2. First you are ignorant of N.M. State law, second come and try to jail me and see what it gets you besides a .45 caliber hole in your empty little head. Now dryup and blow away. 🙂 PS don’t like it? GET OUT!

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