Unleash the Power of an Entire Bushel of Corn with One Light Bottle of CornFUSED?

CornFUSED? by Wildgame Innovations
CornFUSED? by Wildgame Innovations
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New Roads, LA -(AmmoLand.com)- Absolutely nothing draws whitetails better or more consistently than corn. North, South, East or Midwest, corn is their #1 preferred food source.

Wildgame Innovations‘ new CornFUSED? attractant gives hunters all the advantages of corn in a lightweight and 50-state legal liquid-gel form. Now you can have all the power of a bushel of corn in a single bottle of CornFUSED? highly concentrated scent attractant.

CornFUSED? is not a food product and contains no food ingredients, making it legal for use in all 50 states. It’s easy to transport and even easier to apply. When you get to your spot, pop open the flip-top lid and spray CornFUSED? generously around your stand or shooting area. Then let the wind work for you for a change.

CornFUSED? is effective from early season through late season and can even be used to draw deer to a new food plot or stand setup. It’s also great for use with trail cameras while scouting before deer season.

CornFUSED? Advantages:

  • The power of a bushel of corn in a single bottle
  • Highly concentrated corn scent is legal in 50 states
  • Made with no food ingredients, and easy to apply
  • CornFUSED? can be used to initiate new food plots or feeding areas
  • It can be used around stands to draw deer in

For more information on CornFUSED? scent attractant from Wildgame Innovations, go to: www.wildgameinnovations.com.

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