Hunter Safety System Launches Its New “Don’t Worry Dad” Ad Campaign

Hunter Safety System
Hunter Safety System

Danville, AL -( Hunter Safety System, the company dedicated to saving hunters’ lives, launched a new advertising campaign today titled “Don’t Worry Dad.”

The campaign highlights the seriousness of treestand hunting and the importance of using the proper equipment. The campaign’s first ad features the new HSS Reflective LifeLine.

The goal of the campaign is to increase consumer awareness of the importance of treestand safety and encourage hunters to use only equipment that has been certified to the most current industry standards recognized by Treestand Manufacturer’s Association (TMA). The campaign features a .30-second television spot that will air nationally on various outdoor networks, and social media, followed by a print-ad campaign.

“This new campaign is a wonderful extension of our ongoing efforts to educate hunters about treestand safety,” said Jay Everett, HSS marketing manager. “The new Reflective LifeLine ad speaks from the heart and addresses the most important function of the HSS product: saving lives.”

Statistics prove that 86-percent of all tree stand accidents occur while the hunter is NOT in the stand. Rather, they happen either ascending, descending or getting in or out of the stand. When properly used in conjunction with a certified safety harness, the LifeLine is the most critical piece of equipment to prevent accidents. With the LifeLine, the hunter stays attached to the tree from the moment their feet leave the ground until they safely return.

For a sneak peak on the new “Don’t Worry Dad” ad, watch the video below:

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