ProSounds Introduces Revolutionary X-Pro Earplugs Via Kickstarter

The Only Push-To-Hear Feature in Any Hearing Protection

ProSounds  X-Pro Ear Plugs
ProSounds X-Pro Ear Plugs

Draper, UT -( ProSounds announces the commencement of its mission to bring the most advanced hearing protection and enhancement devices to the civilian, industrial, shooting and military/police sectors.

Newly formed ProSounds is the parent company of SportEAR, which has 57 years of experience as the maker of acclaimed hearing protection and enhancement for the shooting and hunting communities.

To kick off the new company and give the public an opportunity to join in their commitment to hearing protection, ProSounds introduced the all-new X-Pro Earplugs via Kickstarter campaign in July. The project allows consumers to receive X-Pro Earplugs at a discounted rate for their financial support. The ProSounds Kickstarter project will run though Aug. 22 with product deliveries beginning in September.

“We are using our extensive experience to become the top hearing protection company for a wide range of activities,” said ProSounds President and Founder Weston Harris. “Our mission is to help people protect their valuable hearing. We are especially excited to join with Kickstarter to provide the public with our unique X-Pro Earplugs.”

The revolutionary earplug features the Push-To-Hear button. This two-way design provides solid hearing protection while allowing natural sounds to pass through with a click of the earplug’s button. This one-of-a-kind design delivers the ability to go back and forth between natural sounds with up to 30 dB of hearing protection all while wearing the earplugs.

The X-Pro Earplugs are an ideal solution for anyone who needs quality hearing protection. With damage to hearing beginning at 85 decibels, 140 million Americans put their hearing at risk while at work, shooting ranges, hunting trips, sporting events and more. Designed with a comfortable fit and several different tips, anyone who experiences loud noises can benefit from the X-Pro Earplugs.

ProSounds is set to launch a full line of hearing protection, hearing enhancement and professional-grade audio and communications devices in the months to come.

To learn more about ProSounds’ X-Pro project, please visit Kickstarter.