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Colorado -( SEAL 1 CLP Plus: It is our mission to get useful information about gun products and services to you, the shooter.

But we are a choosy bunch and take care in evaluating potential products to make sure what we are telling you about actually “works as advertised.

But there are many good products out in the market for cleaning and lubricating, so why something else, and that is the reason for this brief.

Our reviewers are all shooters. We shoot a lot in competition and practice, and we hunt. Some of us conduct specialized training, and one of our guys holds the Distinguished Rifleman distinction.

Our crew has won many various championships individually, to include some national records. We shoot!

We bumped into the SEAL 1 CLP Plus folks at the 2014 SHOT Show.

They showed us their product, gave us some samples and we went on our way, highly skeptical of their claims because, really, how can you have an orange-smelling, bio-based product without harmful chemicals or abrasives that can clean, lubricate and prep a gun barrel?

And not only that, they said it would remove copper plating from high-power rifle bores – without traditional ammonia.

Oh sure! Really?

We saw them again at the 2015 SHOT Show and, this time, we wanted SEAL 1 CLP Plus because their stuff works.

During the previous year, we had used it to clean some rifle barrels, recondition some much-used .22 barrels, and prep a new high-power barrel. We even put some of the stuff on lead bullets as a sort of wet lube (old-time shooters call that dipping when referring to .22 LRs in competition). It works! Actually, it really works and now we know why much of the formula is a closely held secret.

Having shot high-power rifles (M1-As, ARs and bolt guns) over the National Match Course and the NRA’s unforgiving high-power rifle silhouette courses and cleaning every ten shots without fouling or sighting shots in between we are reluctant experts on removing carbon and copper plating from barrels and semi-auto gas systems-and like most of you, we hate the job! We pour a ton of 5.56 and .308 (7.62×51 NATO) ammo out every year killing dirt, steel, and paper so we know a bit about copper and hard carbon fouling; gas systems get dirty!


We first used SEAL 1 CLP ( ) to clean up the gas assembly on an AR and then seriously shot the hell out of the gun. After all that, the carbon just wiped off with a rag – no need to scrape or wire brush it.

After reassembly and more shooting, nothing changed, so we figure the part will stay clean like that pretty much through a couple of thousand rounds unless removed with a solvent (which would make no sense, of course!)

We did some 100 meter testing with an incredibly accurate .22 LR rifle and this product actually improved the accuracy a bit over 50 percent – all by itself.

We credit that to its barrel conditioning with the pure lead bullets that get generally abraded (even if lubricated) as they pass through the barrel – and less abrasion on the bullet means more accuracy.

Last, shooting handguns, especially revolvers, can be a mess. SEAL 1 CLP cleaned up the guns easily and made it real easy to wipe down the dirty cylinders of revolvers, including .44s with lead bullets, after applying it just one time.

Bottom line: we found SEAL 1 CLP Plus to be a rather amazing and efficient product that is safe to use and smells good too. A win-win.

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Larry Paulson

How does SEAL 1 CLP compare to Gunzilla CLP