ARMALITE 2015 Firearms Catalog

The newest edition of ArmaLite’s popular firearms catalog is available on line and in hard copy.

ARMALITE 2015 Firearms Catalog
ARMALITE 2015 Firearms Catalog

Geneseo, IL – -( ArmaLite, Inc.  is pleased to announce that its new 2015 catalog is now available on line and in hard copy.

Armalite is known as the originator of the “AR” design that is attributed to the creation of the AR-10 and AR-15. We are comprised of a diverse group of individuals from a multitude of backgrounds, however, we all exhibit the highest level of commitment to customer service and product development for the firearms industry.

Today, the ARMALITE 2015 Firearms Catalog proudly celebrates 60 years of innovation that dates back to the rifle that developed into the largest single market segment of the sporting industry, the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR).

Our Mission: Every employee at Armalite serves one mission: To manufacture, assemble, and promote high-quality small arms and associated products that distinguish themselves in performance and reliability within the law enforcement, military, and civilian markets.

Our Commitment to Quality: Armalite strives to provide the highest quality firearms, firearm parts and accessories, and machined products to our worldwide customers. We are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ requirements by continually improving our processes, customer service, and quality management system.

As a subsidiary of Strategic Armory Corps, Armalite has driven our commitment to our mission and quality standards to the next level. Through countless man hours and unmatched employee dedication we are pleased to announce that we are now ISO 9001:2008 certified. This certification stands as an achievement award that embodies who we are as individuals, as a team and as a company committed to excellence.

Through 60 years of innovative engineering and manufacturing, Armalite rifles have become a leader in the industry. From the hard-hitting AR-50 to the evolutionary AR-10, all of our rifles stem from our heritage, including our future generation lines. Backed by the same quality and service you have come to trust, our new product lines offer something for everyone!

In addition to our digital version you may request a hard copy of the ARMALITE 2015 Firearms catalog by e-mailing [email protected] and telling them AmmoLand sent you.

ARMALITE 2015 Firearms Catalog

ArmaLite has one of the broadest product lines in the firearms industry. We manufacture and sell semiautomatic rifles in a variety of calibers including 5.56mm and 7.62mm and long range super-accurate bolt action rifles in calibers including .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum, .338 Lapua, .50 BMG and .416 Barrett. Visit ArmaLite at

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Kevin Mccabe

Could you send me some info on your 50 bmg have the 300 win would like a 50 for customers to shoot.

Martin Camacho

Please send me your a copy of your latest Catalogs on Firearms and other Armalite Products.

Your assistance on this request is greatly appreciated.


john jackson miller

just waiting for catalog in mail