Response to Val Hoyle’s Lies About Oregon Gun Owners

Val Hoyle
Response to Val Hoyle’s Lies About Oregon Gun Owners
Oregon Firearms Federation
Oregon Firearms Federation

Salem, Oregon –-( In an email to her mailing list dated Aug 17th 2015, House Rep and Secretary of State wannabe, Val Hoyle, made some claims that require a response.

So we are going to address her comments in the order she made them.

Let’s start with this quote:


In the 2015 legislative session I was proud to sponsor SB 941, requiring background checks on all private gun sales. Despite the fact that almost 80% of Oregonians support this legislation, a number of right wing extremists attempted to recall me from office.”

First it’s interesting to note that Hoyle claims “almost 80% of Oregonians support this legislation.”

During this entire debate, the anti-rights zealots have claimed that “86% to almost 90%” of Oregonians support it, depending on whose stats you were reading. In some cases a single organization would quote different numbers on different places on their websites. So it’s telling that Hoyle now claims “almost 80% support it.”

Are the numbers dropping, or is Hoyle, like the rest of her duplicitous fellow travelers, simply pulling numbers out of …the air?

24 County Boards Of Commissioners opposed this legislation, with many of their members traveling to Salem to testify in opposition. Since its enactment, several have said they won’t spend a dime to enforce it. Many sheriffs have opposed it saying it served no law enforcement purpose and several have said they won’t enforce it. How this works out to be 80% (or whatever number they are using today) simply defies logic. But logic means little to people like Hoyle who will tell any lie to achieve what they are paid by out of state billionaires to do.

Here is the next quote from Hoyle’s email:

“After losing their recall attempt, these extremists responded by sharing my personal cell phone number with their supporters, which led to a number of rude and aggressive voicemails. Even after being condemned by the Oregonian for this vicious attack, they continued to share my number and support these harassing calls.”

Hoyle is channeling fellow rights basher Floyd Prozanski here. By which we mean, she is simply lying, something she and her cronies do with utter shamelessness.

The “extremists” she refers to was actually one guy in her district who was outraged that she would attack the rights and privacy of gun owners by pushing a bill that most Oregon Sheriffs and County Commissioners opposed while claiming it was “common sense” and supported by practically the entire state. The person in question is just a hard working guy who stepped up for others at great personal expense to himself. But the biggest lie of all is when she accuses him of sharing her “personal cell phone number.”

He never shared her cell phone number. She is lying. Period.

Her number was shared by OFF in a alert you can see here. No one, anywhere, including the Hoyle Recall Campaign, and OFF, (neither of which are associated with each other except for a small financial donation OFF made to the campaign) EVER “supported” harassing calls. That is a bold, repulsive lie.

The Val Hoyle Recall Committee never shared her number anywhere. But Hoyle, like all the gun grabbers in Oregon, never, ever let’s the truth get in the way of a fundraising campaign. To people like Hoyle, lying is simply more profitable than telling the truth.

And while it’s clear that Hoyle orchestrated the Oregonian article with the willing sycophant who authored it, it’s quite a stretch to say the Oregonian “condemned” anything. If they do, they should do it on their editorial page as the Gazette Times of Corvallis did. But more on that in a minute.

So let’s now move on to the next quote in Hoyle’s shameless grab for money in her bid for Secretary of State:

“That’s where you come in!

A number of my supporters are standing by me and fighting back by pledging to donate $25 dollars for every harassing phone call that I receive!
Join these individuals and let the Oregon Firearms Federation know that their bullying tactics won’t work and that you support background checks by clicking here and donating $25 today!
Thank you for your support, and for continuing to fight for Oregon.

All the Best,
Oregon State Representative
House District 14
West Eugene/Junction City”

This is where things get truly pathetic.

First, Hoyle is obviously hoping that her supporters are idiots. If they are going to donate $25.00 for every “harassing” phone call Hoyle gets, she clearly has a massive incentive to simply invent the number of calls she is getting like she invented the number of people who support her dangerous, privacy invading bill. But on the other hand, Val Hoyle supporters are suckers, so maybe she is on to something. If we were going to raise funds that way we’d go about it more honestly.

We’d say “For a donation of $25.00 we’ll send you Val Hoyle’s cell phone number. For $50.00 we’ll send you Hoyle’s number and personal email address.”

Which brings us to the next issue.

Hoyle is so upset that people have her number that she got a flunky on the payroll of the Oregonian to write a story about it. But there are so many things wrong with Hoyle’s outrage.

First of all, Val Hoyle is an elected official. She not only answers to the people who voted for her (people who may have been conned by the NRA endorsement she received through skillful deceit) but to all Oregonians who are now saddled with a law she pushed through that attacks their rights and expands harassment by the State Police ID unit.

So her anger at hearing from voters is totally unjustified. You make laws that hurt people, you don’t get to hide from them.

The fact the media wants to run from and Hoyle wants to conceal, there was never a time this number should have been treated like it was privileged information. Many people conduct all their business from their cell phones and use them as their primary means of communication.

Hoyle never published a phone number on the legislative website where people could reach her outside of Salem, but she DID provide her number to us.

The reality is Hoyle called me, Kevin Starrett, during the last election. She called my cell phone, a number I had never given her. I don’t know who she got it from and in fact, prior to her call to me, I had never shared a single word with her.

She was calling while still posing as a pro-gun Democrat asking for help defeating a measure being bankrolled by…Michael Bloomberg. The Measure was Measure 90. This would have changed Oregon’s voting system to allow for the “top two” vote getters in any election to run for the office.

That was the very first time a single word have ever been exchanged between us. After taking her (unexpected) call I received the following email from her dated 10.15.14. (Reproduced below exactly as received)


Thanks for taking my call the other day. Just wanted to let you know that Bloomberg put 1.5 million into the Top Two primary (see link). Whatever you feel about the policy, you’ve got to wonder what he stands to gain in buying a change in our election system.

Call me if you have any questions.

All the best


The link above was part of her email.

As you can see, the email includes her phone number. Nowhere does it say “Cell Phone“. Nowhere does it say “Please don’t share.”

But now, after hearing from the people she stuck it to with her Bloomberg paid-for bill, Hoyle is outraged at our “bullying” tactics. And of course, she’s trying to cash in.

Hoyle and her cronies have the full force of Bloomberg’s billions on their side. Even after passing SB 941 with his money, millions are being spent to promote it with deceptive TV ads.

Why spend millions to promote something you already passed? Is it because people are starting to figure out what a scam the bill was?

Even The Gazette-Times, in the article mentioned above, said (just before attacking OFF with a re-report of the misreporting done by the Oregonian) :

“We never have been convinced about the need for the new law, which we believe does nothing to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. In fact, we suspect the main result of the new law will be to create an additional hassle for law-abiding gun owners.”

Hoyle is a fraud and a liar, and now she is using her lies about pro-gun people to pump up her coffers. Imagine what kind of Secretary of State she’ll make for Oregon…

The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit:

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