Register in September for 2015 JROTC Air Rifle Postals

By Ashley Brugnone, CMP Writer

Register in September for 2015 JROTC Air Rifle Postals
Civilian Marksmanship Program
Civilian Marksmanship Program

Camp Perry, OH -( The 2015-2016 JROTC Postal Competition will officially open on Sept. 28, 2015, for young cadets in Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force JROTC programs who are interested in competing in this three-position air rifle match with other talented juniors across the nation.

To compete, registered participants will each receive three targets and instructions for recording scores. Shooters will fire in each of the three positions (prone, standing, kneeling) at their home ranges – using one target for each position. Once record shots are fired, shooters will return the targets to CMP for scoring.

CMP staff members will verify scores using the Orion Visual Image Scoring system. Results will be posted within Competition Tracker for teams and individuals to check during the postal season.

As in years past, Larry and Brenda Potterfield have again provided incredible endowment donations to the JROTC Championships through the MidwayUSA Foundation for winning teams. The MidwayUSA Foundation is a public charity that helps communities and organizations raise funds to support their youth shooting teams and activities.

Dates to note for the 2015-2016 JROTC Postal Competition:

  • Sept. 28, 2015 – Online Registration Opens
  • Nov. 18, 2015 – Online Registration Closes
  • Dec. 4, 2015 – Targets must be received by CMP for scoring (Late targets will not be scored.)
  • Dec. 9, 2015 – Preliminary Results Posted
  • Dec. 11, 2015 – All scores final (Protests cannot be made after 8 a.m.)

This year’s Regionals will be held in three locations: Anniston, Ala.; Camp Perry, Ohio; and a Western location, yet to be determined. Nationals will follow in Anniston for all service branches.

For more information, visit All cadets must have a CMP CT # issued to them before they can register. You can request a CT # on the CMP website at

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