Jerusalem’s Solution – Everyone Carry Guns

By John Farnam

Armed Teacher
Look closely. The teacher has an weapon slung over her shoulder. In Israel, much of the population is armed and moves about daily with guns in full sight. When you live surrounded by enemies that say daily they want to kill you, it's a good idea to take them seriously.
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( … while Rome burns!

Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat, has advised all Israeli citizens to start carrying guns for personal protection from knife-wielding Palestinian “youths” who are attacking Jewish residents, apparently at random.

Wanton attacks are carried out against all Jews, regardless of gender, or age.

Universal concealed carry is the only effective deterrent, indeed the only effective deterrent there has ever been, there or here, and everyone knows it. Curiously, there is no call for “knife-control,” there nor here!

This whole spate of unprovoked attacks, as well as Barkat’s proclamation, are being ignored, of course, by the liberal American media, because it doesn ’t fit their agenda. “Poor Palestinians” have long been the slobbered-over poster-children of liberal American journalists.

They only report what they wish were true!

All of us, here and there, need to clear our heads and remind ourselves that we may not just be shot at. Any of us may be attacked, without warning and for no particular reason, at extremely close range, by “misguided youth” who are “crying-out for help” and “just trying to express themselves.”

Over here, as they wink at their own heavily-armed bodyguards, professing Democrat presidential candidates, cheered on my Anderson Cooper and the entire CNN gang (also winking at their own contingent of heavily-armed bodyguards), are doing their best to denigrate honest American gun-owners (who can’ t afford bodyguards), along with the NRA and ill-defined “millionaires,” the same ones whom they are, at this very moment, deceitfully hitting-up for campaign contributions.

These nauseating hypocrites have short memories!

Nervous and frightened Americans, like Israelis, are currently in no mood to be told by pseudo-sanctimonious, self-righteous elitists that we “unwashed ” are too stupid to own guns.

They seem to have forgotten the meaning of the term, “public servant.” We will remind them a year from now!

“To anger a conservative, lie to him. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth” ~ Theodore Roosevelt


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  • 12 thoughts on “Jerusalem’s Solution – Everyone Carry Guns

    1. Keep in mind that the Israelis do a mandatory 2 year military service early on in life, so they know how to use their weapons, not so here. They do understand the problem as well, and again, not so here. People have been lulled into thinking that all they have to do is dial 911 and their problems are instantly solved. It’s only when confronted and surrounded by the hood-rats at the park do they realize the stupidity of that belief. Democrats who been victimized arm up afterwards, as now they know, if they are lucky enough to survive.

    2. John: I really enjoy your columns but would you please, I repeat PLEASE, either proof read or have someone else proof read before submitting?

    3. She doesn’t look to at the ready and besides the Teacher is carrying a ww2 M1 carbine. Bottom line you do what ever it takes to protect even in schools. My Grandson has two SRO’s in his school.

    4. First off, that quote isn’t from Teddy Roosevelt. Do the research: there isn’t a single source available that can affirmatively attribute that statement to any speech or writing or interview of TR.

      Furthermore, its use in context is puzzling, as it’s really a slam on conservatives. Anger is, without doubt, second only to fear in its utility as a political stratagem to motivate people to action. What this phrase conveys is that conservatives are reactionary idiots who can be easily manipulated to your cause through lies, while liberals are compassionate people called to action by revelation of truths.

      And no, having the idiot masses go around armed is not a good idea. We have enough idiot cops opening fire without regard for public safety, and they’re ostensibly well-trained. CHL holders are also supposed to be trained, but that didn’t prevent the idiot woman in Detroit from opening fire on a shoplifter in a parking lot during the middle of the business day.

      1. So according to you any citizen who exercise his right to carry a firearm is part of the ‘idiot masses’? And please provide specific examples of ‘idiot cops opening fire’. Seems like your tagline should be ‘Darkness of Lies’.

      2. “First off, that quote isn’t from Teddy Roosevelt. Do the research: there isn’t a single source available that can affirmatively attribute that statement to any speech or writing or interview of TR.”
        So, First Off, you make a declarative statement and then tell ME to “(d)o the research!” To that I can only say ESAD.
        If you have any FACTS to add, please do so as I see none in your rant.

    5. Why is it the majority of Jews in America are constantly calling for universal disarmament? Haven’t they learned anything from the history. The Warsaw ghetto and events in Israel from 1948 to present have taught them nothing? Instead of calling for disarmament they should be calling for universal carry. Wake up, before it’s too late.

      1. I’ve had this “discussion” with American Jews for years. They continually deny the facts of the Warsaw Ghetto. There is no convincing them. I believe if they were placed in the Ghetto, at that time period, they would continue to deny. They are ideologues and a disgrace to those who gave their lives.

    6. Why is it so many Jews in America call for universal disarmament? Haven’t they learned anything form history? The Warsaw ghetto and events in Israel from 1948 to present clearly indicate they need to be armed and vigilant, yet the majority call for the disarming of Americans.

    7. I, personally, like this solution. Unfortunately…it may come to that…here. It is also time to eliminate “Gun Free Zones”.

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