NOVA Firearms Under Attack at a McLean, VA Town Meeting

NOVA Firearms
NOVA Firearms
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 7 2015, the McLean Citizens Association Board meeting (MCA), which is open to the public and held in a McLean community center, has an agenda item on how to “deal with” the new location of NOVA Firearms in McLean, VA.

There are apparently nine parents who fear for the safety of their children, who go to school near the gun store.

NOVA Firearms is being targeted by current Fairfax County Board of Supervisor member John Foust. Mr Foust has said publicly that he wants to shut down NOVA Firearms. (Foust has an opponent in the elections in November – Jennifer Chronis.) What Foust is doing with his threats is disgraceful and is an abuse of his powers.

The McLean Citizens Association Board is not a sanctioned government body, but they have a seat at the Board of Supervisors’ meeting and speak on behalf of the McLean community, so we need to get their attention by attending the meeting in numbers.


Look for someone handing out Guns Save Lives stickers. The more people wearing them, the better.

We need to be respectful, but firm in our support for NOVA firearms, which was at its previous location less than a mile away for years without any kind of issue or opposition.

Meeting location:

McLean Community Center
1234 Ingleside Avenue
McLean, VA

Here’s the announcement that MCA put out:

At Wednesday’s meeting of the McLean Citizens Association, “NOVA Firearms” will be an agenda item. Please talk with your neighbors and networks prior to our meeting. Come prepared to discuss our way forward.

Last week, nine parents came to the Planning & Zoning committee meeting. They asked for our help. Their most valuable and precious responsibilities – their children – walk into Franklin Sherman Elementary School every day – a school that is now adjacent to a gun shop. Fears for one’s children are understandable and compelling. As the “Voice of McLean” we owe these parents a respectful answer.

The immediate issue is not about having a gun store in McLean. NOVA Firearms previously operated out of a building on Elm Street; no one objected. Our challenge arose when NOVA Firearms moved next to this elementary school.

Initial reports indicate that this move by NOVA Firearms is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Wednesday’s discussion should determine MCA’s next steps. My sense is that we are far from the point of endorsing any particular resolution. We are best served by first outlining a path forward.

MCA has a long history with Franklin Sherman School. Our predecessor, “The School & Civic League of McLean” formed 101 years ago – to promote Franklin Sherman. The school and MCA were created simultaneously. We have a century-old relationship with Franklin Sherman School.

Our community must find ways to balance the legitimate equities of this business with the understandable fears of parents. Both deserve respect. Because this is a community issue, MCA should do what we can to find middle ground.

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right. Visit:

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Most people on this site seem to miss the point that opposition to the store has nothing to do with gun control. The store shouldn’t be adjacent to an elementary school for the same reason a strip club shouldn’t be adjacent to an elementary school — it’s not appropriate. Common sense folks. As a parent with a child in the school this is a real issue for me — unlike most on this site who are not even from the community.

Gary W. Lewis

What some people will do to get any kind of shop away from their schools. Would rather a porn shop?


Massage parlor with happy endings.

Guns r funs

You guys are all insane. There is no need for a gun shop by a school. Just like there are restrictions on other things by proximity of a school. Nobody is taking your guns away. Going to the meeting is just bullying tactics. You can still have your gun even if the store has to move elsewhere
So just go home
Hug your gun
Take a deep breath and know that everything will be okay.


California must be your socialist utopia.


Invite all those Parents to come in and browse the store, teach them about all the guns, teach them how to shoot them and then take them to a shooting range. If they still want to close the store…tell them to sit down and shut up!


Want to see the libs heads really explode? Open a tobacco shop next to the gun shop.


Would these parents be concerned if the school was next door to a police station?

With all the guns inside, the swat teams, armored personnel carriers, SUV’s, and yes all the criminals they process inside after arrest?


Let’s see, a gun shop in McLean, VA? Hmm, McLean, VA, McLean, VA, McLean, VA, why does this city’s name ring a bell to me? Oh! I got it, it’s the city where thousands of CIA employees commute to and from on a daily basis. Who do we think makes up a bog block of NOVA Firearms’ customer base? Perhaps Agency employees. Granted, not all Agency employees carry firearms as a part of their job, but a large percentage of Agency employees are proficient in the use of fire arms. If the McLean Citizens Association Board are worried about child… Read more »


The offended parents can send their kids to a private school at their own cost away from a Store.

George McMillen

Stupid parents raise ahole future voters.


Look at it this way, it will be much more UN-likely there will be a school shooting there!

2War Abn Vet

No no! Who can predict when some gun might run out of the store and grab a passing child?

Craig Butelo

We have really progressed in science and technology. At 66 years old I have witnessed some of the most wonderful things in the universe. The decline of common sense is not one of them.

2+2 is still 4 in my world. Gun free zones are 1000 times more dangerous that gun stores.


Those parents are probably afraidof the big scary guns that are in the shop, although they maythink that the guns are going to go and start running around, justlike hillery thinks they do. A great many of the gun shops have more regulations than the government thinks they have, rags like no one under 18 allowed and any others.


Yep they care enough to send them to a .gov school. Hoplophobia is what I smell. All NOVA has to do is tell the
county how much they pay in taxes and that should trump some kids.

Mark R

And to think that these parents REPRODUCE and VOTE! OMG! Idiocracy at it’s finest.


Hi! Will the folks attending the meeting tonight just be VCDL McLean residents, or do you want people from all over?


All are welcome.


I smell Bloomturd and Shanon Witless in the woodpile.

RM Molon Labe

A gun shop IS the best protection for their kids…Something tells me, this wasn’t a spontaneous group of parents, “fearing” for their kiddies lives. I’ll bet the Planning and Zoning committee had his hand in it…When was the last time you heard of a gun shop being robbed? Sheep…Molon Labe


What needs to be done is to have “those parents” heads surgically removed from each others asses