The Story Behind the Monster Ontario Moose Hunt from Steve & Jacquie Shore

Steve Shore
Steve Shore
Hitmen Canada
Hitmen Canada

Nakina, ON, CAN -( Our hunt began months ago. This past spring, we contacted biologists, the Ministry of Forests, pilots and outfitters.

We knew we were going to hunt an area north of Nakina, Ontario. We were looking for specific areas with high moose densities and good food sources such as burns and high poplar bluffs. We also wanted to be in an area that was inaccessible to other hunters and people.

We picked two lakes, one with a 5,000 acre burn and one with fantastic moose habitat with high poplar bluffs, swamps and a river running east and west just south of the main lake. After more research, we decided not to hunt the burn as it was too young and the saplings had not grown tall enough to be substantial food for the moose.

Next we hired a pilot to fly us into this lake. The lake was roughly 1.5 miles across and 2 miles long. There was a long drainage at the east end and a long drainage at the west end that was very swampy. The only means of transportation would be our canoe.

Steve Shore
Steve Shore

We arrived at the sea base around 11am in the morning and were loaded on the plane and headed to camp by 12 o’clock. It’s approximately a 45 minute flight and the pilot was kind enough to fly over the area a couple of times to give us our bearings. We soon realized we made the right choice it was perfect moose habitat. We touched down at approximately 1pm quickly unloaded the plane and started our search for our campsite. No one had ever been on this lake before, so we also had to clear out our own campsite to set up our wall tent after a 14-hour drive and our flight.

It was just the two of us so we found a campsite, set up the tent and made camp. By 6pm we were settled in.
At this point, we had been up for 36 hours and just wanted to get a good night’s sleep. It was a perfect night for calling and couldn’t help trying. We decided to paddle across the lake and make a couple calls to set up for the morning.

Hitmen Canada - Camp
Hitmen Canada – Camp

Only 20 minutes after leaving camp, we made our first call. The bull responded immediately and was very close. My PSE bow was still in the canoe, as we weren’t really expecting to see or hear anything so chaos ensued.

I grabbed my scapula, used for calling, thrashed once and that really worked up the bull. He came in very aggressively, stiff legged and waving his large rack side-to-side raking trees. Once the bull cleared the brush, I put a perfect shot on him at 12 yards. The Toxic buried deep into his chest, he turned and attempted to charge us but the Toxic had already done it’s damage. The bull expired at only 7 yards. Our hunt was over less than 30 minutes from leaving camp the first time. I fell to my knees, exhausted from the travel and overwhelmed with emotions of the hunt coming together.

Steve Shore - Tenderloins
Steve Shore – Tenderloins

Thanks for letting us share our story
-Steve & Jacquie Shore
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Lyle ONeil

Steve ..Just watched part 2 of the 2016 moose hunt were you saw many moose. I watch your show a lot and love the moose hunts. I think your hunting in Nakina area and I liked that you were on a lake with a cabin as I am 68 yrs. old and I like a hard roofed tent. Can you give me the name of the outfitter you used and if you could the name of that lake. I would love to do 1 fly-in in my life and the Nakina area has great reviews. Keep up the good TV… Read more »


For the first time ever I watched The Specialist part 2 moose hunting!
Holly crap man!
I watch the first 16 minutes and never saw a moose hunt, just advetisement!
Didn’t watch the last 14 minutes


Congratulation on having harvested this monster! I have a question: Since the arrow struck back on the neck, was the massive hemorrhage due to a severed subclavian or carotid artery? Just wondering what the field dressing revealed.