VCDL Board Member Lays Waste To An Anti-Gun Editorial In The Catholic Virginian

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Gun Control Kills
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( Virginia Citizens Defense League member Dennis O’Connor sets the record straight on Universal Background Checks with an LTE to the Catholic Virginian.

Gun Control Laws Disputed

In his October 12 2015 commentary “What can we do?,” Editor Steve Neill proposes stricter gun control, and further asks “what is their reasoning?” for political candidates who might not agree.

While the horrific grief and sorrow we experience from mass killings naturally result in calls to “do something,” gun control offers simplistic solutions to complex problems, makes society more dangerous, and therefore always fails.

Every public mass shooting since 1950, except for two, has occurred in a so called “gun-free zone“.

From federal installations like Fort Hood or the D.C. Navy Yard, to public schools (only in those states that forbid guns therein), to artificial environments created by policies in theaters, malls and universities, each target had all the gun-control in place that anti-self defense advocates call for.

They become a draw for criminals and the insane exactly because they are assured a high body count. Only the law abiding obey laws and policies, or signs on the door, and good citizens have all been disarmed in such places by law or policy.

As for background checks, they do not stop criminals. Research by the U.S. Department of Justice, in conjunction with the Regional Justice formation Service, reveals that while the FBI conducted over six million background checks in 2010, only 62 applicants were charged with crimes by federal prosecutors, and 18 of those prosecutions were subsequently dismisssed.

While many criminals simply steal guns or get someone else to buy them, there is a long list of mass murderers who passed background checks, including killers at the Charleston church, Oregon college, Roanoke TV site, Virginia Tech, Aurora theater, D.C. Navy Yard, Fort Hood (both mass shooters), just to name a few.

Most frequently, background checks only hamper or delay good citizens in their ability to defend themselves, sometimes with fatal results.

Earlier this year, New Jersey resident Carol Browne was murdered by the person she had a restraining order against, while waiting for her long delayed background check to clear.

Yes, we MUST do something to curtail the mass murders that occur in society. And a logical first step is to abolish so called gun free zones which give murderers free reign to “shoot fish in a barrel” in a victim rich environment.

Gun control kills.

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right. Visit:

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Gregory Romeu

Mel, Robert and Shawn… Why don’t you guys just Blog your own stories rather than attempt to merely, “comment” on this subject?


Mel, everything you’ve stated above is an opinion, and holds true to BOTH sides. Fear is used by both sides; you’re going to be shot by a lunatic so you must … ban guns so you’re not shot….. have guns so you’re not shot. The gun control playbook found during a freedom of information act action by the Second Amendment Foundation, specifically directs disarmists to appeal to emotions rather than to logic or reason. From “Key principle number two is to “Tell stories with images and feelings…Our first task is to draw a vivid portrait and make emotional connection.… Read more »


The ease of which a handgun is concealed is the reason it is the number 1 personal defense tool. Criminals are not going to abide by laws, by definition of being criminals. Stop the race baiting, why do people always grow around the bigot label when it comes to crime statistics? A disproportionate amount of said crimes are committed by blacks, they are the dominant demographic in the most heavily crime infested areas. Is it racist to point this out, or just plain FACT? It is a FACT that most of the crime in Rome is committed by Italians, doesn’t… Read more »


WOW, I guess there really are alternate universes like the quantum mechanic scientists say! Mel Daly doesn’t live on this one, that’s for sure.


Ambrose ! Never argue with an Educated Derelict.

Mel Daly

It is #self #evident that handguns ease of concealment is why they are the source of the problem. Better than ¾ of all gun crimes nationally and >90% of all lethal shootings involve a pistol for reasons that are obvious to anyone capable of honesty about the issue. A deliberate campaign that has nothing to do with “rights” or “safety” but is intended to brainwash children and program society has been underway for decades. When the truth about this horror is spoken anyone who dares address it is subjected to a petty campaign of conspiracies intended to intimidate and cow… Read more »


You are right. Gun laws are raciest. They were created to keep Black’ Slaves from revolting against their owners.After the Civil War laws were passed to keep the freed Black’s from shooting poor innocent Klansman as they tried to burn out the Black families. It seems the white robes they wore made them easy targets so black ownership of guns had to be banned . The Sullivan act in New York was passed against the Irish so they could be prevented from going to the polls and voting. The 1934 Gun laws were passed to keep Italians from owning firearms… Read more »

E. A. (Al) Schmidt

All those letters & words & not 1 bit of truth. What are the 2 common denominators where there is the most gun violence? Since it is obvious that you don’t know, I’ll tell you: Cities with the strictest gun laws & cities controlled by Liberals. Now look at Plano, TX, nearly everyone owns guns & they have the lowest crime rate in the US. Most criminals are cowards, they look for easy helpless prey. People in Plano, TX are not helpless as they are packing. So all those letters you typed amounts to nothing more than bullshit. Since you… Read more »